Welcome to the teachers' initiative and we are delighted with him.

Please Balog Minister Lord and report back to us the ministry of roundtable discussions.

Our foundation has developed a lot of questions ready to propose a solution!

Our children belong to SNI sporadically range, but most of them have a very high level of intelligence, they are classified as deviant among children, many of humiliation, -indokolatlan punishment - excommunication -rágalmazás -szülői teacher-community children, family against the ordination -fenyegetés not a rare assault, denunciation, acceptance, -magántanulóságba, with -bentlakásos school -iskolaváltásra coercion -lelki terror, can not remain day care center, school trips -does not carry.

Very often want our children to private student achieved, but the conditions are not created, please review this! The government order a proper allowance to parents (if the parent is not working, how it can sustain, tanítatni child?)

ADHD is the most misunderstood and denied psychiatric condition in Europe !!!!

   Many people do not believe in the existence of ADHD. Therefore, if it's not there, I do not understand people, why should this treatment.

So, to visualize this disorder (disease) is important for society! If ADHD is time to recognize, diagnose and correct therapy, treatment is given with ADHD and children, you can get a better education, which also helps their positioning in the workplace, may be a better personal and family relations.

It is a condition (disease), which requires more invesztálást and I think that teachers, psychologists, kriminalistáknak joined forces should be open to society and more awareness of ADHD and its direct support to draw attention to serious.

 The older age identified with ADHD more difficult the situation, the same way any difficult life situation and disease that late Realize that for an adult is also important to recognize when a signal to produce a show that you need help to criminality prevent , avoid it. Therefore, early diagnosis visualization of an invisible illness can prevent trouble. The definition that "invisible disease" is often used for ADHD to determine due to a lack of knowledge and widespread social stigmas. Among the mental health disorders, ADHD is the most misunderstood and rejected in Europe. The ratio is about ADHD. 20-to-1 in Europe, in many cases it can continue into adulthood between children and adolescents. Currently, due to untreated or inadequately treated ADHD cases, the disease causes significant additional costs and burdens for this society. These children education can not hold multiple school shift, foundation schools, private student status are forced to which the families considerable effort, if you do not go to the district school, travel costs can cause for families because it is not eligible for grants, free education a heavy financial burden families.

                In 2010, the Corvinus University of Budapest into Force c .tanulmányát published drew the attention of decision-makers, there was huge media publicity, but no change ....

A disturbance in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is not a passing state, but a strong temperament pattern, a chronic, life-existing difficulties, the special attitude. The most common cause learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

At least 70 thousand children and adults struggling with this problem and most of them will not help.

Sad statistics show that children of around 14 years in crime investigation, 60% of untreated ADHD

Learning difficulties can arise in two distinct disorder, or a combination tüneteiből: Hyperactivity, impulsivity, but the driver still symptoms of attention disorders. By contrast, less well-known is another type of ADHD, which to be quiet, slow and dreamy thinking about children's attention to the outside world distract the curriculum.

kick the untreated disease caused by additional expenses and losses year on year to HUF 33 billion, which will mainly affect the education, health-care and justice systems.

Our foundation would contribute to a dialogue, a common strategy in that these highly intelligent, smart kids (lots of good qualities they could still be classified ....) On the right side of society he may know to be useful members to be effective.

ADHD affects 1-5% of the pediatric population, that is the average of all pre-school groups, school classes one or two children affected with ADHD can be expected. The ADHD child psychiatry any difference, but significance is primarily in the fact that serious threats to children's psychological development. If the children concerned are complex education, special education, mental health, medical care benefit, effective, balanced adulthood, like their healthy peers expect. Appropriate assistance, development and management in the absence of a child-psychiatric disorders during adolescence is a secondary formation is likely. Children are particularly at risk for mood disorders, anxiety, aggressive manifestation, involving delinquent behavior behavior disorder, personality disorder in the subject. It is not uncommon for adults to social life, long-term employment are incapable. In many cases, a lifetime of social support, in need of financial assistance.

For the current infrastructure is not suited to children suffering from psychological disorders involved creating individualized education criteria and to ensure the right to a healthy children's education to learning. The shortcomings of infrastructure burden on teachers who are not able to perform according to their profession, and from this frustration and stress is constantly present in their work. The attention deficit disorder interfere with the child's school class communities struggling with hyperactivity, unique personalities, conduct disorder through. The teachers are not in possession of any effective means, which caused the specific symptoms of conflict resolution could .. The struggling with hyperactivity of children with excessive expectations, inadequate educational environment react to continuous frustration, self-esteem, self-confidence is constantly violated, which is more psychological problems (eg. Depression, behavioral disorders , etc) can lead to the formation. Children are a huge challenge for both the family and the education system. Referring care often hopeless, and healthy children in child protection institutions placement of other schools, or, failing that home schooling is proposed.

What to do:

1 .. in Education. Thoughtful professional program and the conditions necessary for real integration, and technical cooperation, the creation of team work.

The Foundation willingly undertake for your cooperation! Old dream to create a Krizisközpont where the integration of children from pre-school preparation would be achieved through a complex multi-modal therapy to school once for all ages.

To do so, there are already plans are completely worked out!

We recommend that you collect the methods used so far, examine their effectiveness, economic calculations are carried out in this area. The methods and knowledge available to the ministries responsibility to transmit this knowledge to the professional audience in order to implement the stakeholders to improve the situation around.

 full member of the Foundation for the organization ADHDEurope!

 Settle the border for several years, long-term competence and financing issues. ·

   Is clearly set forth that the categories defined by the law in the performance of children, who are developing, that is what qualified professionals competent in what institutional form to carry out their development, what kind of money and it should be financed.

 - As well as having to check out the efficiency of development, what kind of sanctions follow the fruitless efforts and the lack of conditions, etc.

· Let impact assessments of the regulations regarding the financial consequences as well. Ex .: reduction of the normative serious consequences. If we reduce the normative in a few years will fight back when he is already much it will cost to remedy the difficulties due to the non-treated group caused problems become deviant children. ·

         Become an expert in charge, coordinator of government and ministerial level in this field who will bring together information and tasks relating to this subject, and who can represent this matter at the appropriate level, with focus on legislation on the subject jogharmonizációjának achievement and competence, clarification of financing. providing diverse developmental differences in children taking into account the forms of education, small class sizes, helping assistants, special education teacher advisory work. Proper use of "evidence based" methods of teaching work, for example. Webster- Stratton kinds of teaching methods, consistent with expectations, limits and continuous feedback, positive communication is based. early testing could allow more effective educational work through the question, early diagnosis than children whose development and good cooperation. The teamwork of pedagogical services, child protection, and health care providers, caregivers and strangers that children, teachers, parents could take part in a joint strategy developed. The necessary tools for creating real integration, it is important to support the current alternative schools, which in this pediatric population are the only chance of learning. However, in the long term it is not sustainable, early and often permanent segregation of children.

To reduce 2 children's development gap difficulties (speech development, motor coordination disorders, etc) is essential that the children concerned, any measure of assistance, development, psychotherapy may obtain under the Hungarian public education (state and non-state maintained institutions). Have an adequate number of medical, developer and teacher assistants to help children.

It is very important for small classes of 18-20 people max !!!!!!! impossible to teach the 36-strong class !!! How much time a child reaches 1-1 ???

The renewal of the Hungarian teacher training inevitably incomplete knowledge of teachers are a significant part of the difference in the psychological development of children's mental health indicators of educational needs. They do not have a comprehensive knowledge of pathological symptoms of psychological development. This knowledge can only be acquired in the form of a special postgraduate training, and thus are available only to a few.

  Today it is essential for a teacher to recognize the unusual behavioral manifestations, and if necessary, consult with the appropriate professionals. You need to know the most common psychiatric disorders, including hyperactivity, grief reactions, symptoms of psychological abuse. We have to modernize teacher training, it is essential that children's mental health, child psychology ismeretke acquisition of the normal higher education.

ADHD in children is concerned 3. Improve medical care. It is paramount that all primary care professionals (pediatrician, nurse, school nurse, social worker working in child care, family care, etc.). You need to be a basic knowledge of the problem in order to filter out child development indicators recognized. To this end, it targeted training necessary and essential complement to the basic training of these professionals. It is offering extremely important to the creation of micro-regions methodical complex service center, which govern these courses, organize, design or settled. These methodological center would provide an opportunity to effective parenting training to teach the partners involved in the care or even directly to needy parents.

  Creating conditions for social support for children and their families 3. Team work is the role of social institutions which are extremely large. Required partners in this collaboration with the parents of the school (class teacher, teacher, principal, school nurse), part of health care (doctor or psychologist or therapist). It would be important mediators of work restoration !!!

Only problem would be to find the most appropriate solution for a combined work based on this cooperation through, which is acceptable to all parties concerned, and enforceable. In a joint work such uniform, binding on everyone Strategy will be developed, defining the responsibilities of other participants. A variety of solution is needed, because every incident, every family, life situation is different. Parents flexible, part-time employment opportunities, guarantees, security need that extra psychological pressure on them, existential burden endure, and their children a safe space where they can provide.

 The struggling with psychological stress educating children involves extra costs, which represent not only the cost of medicines. The children were lengthy treatments, improvements must take, which are available only during office hours. The unexpectedly responsive, occasionally chaotic behavior showing children often ruin things lose their belongings. In many cases, they can not travel to municipal vehicles. They need extra supervision. A significant number of families have never given it a rest, because children can not entrust to anyone. These families need special financial support. They deserve it the least.

  Question of the psychological problems facing children how to stay at home parent, if the community can not walk. The law does not provide for adequate sick leave, nuanced solution. For example, someone working part time, sick pay and receive the remainder of the term. The parents of children suffering psychological disorders become more frequent due to the extra stress and frustration caused by the ongoing conflict. The parents of lone certainly it will be impossible to achieve the theoretically available therapeutic options. In their case, it is considered to receive double the benefits and guarantees to retain their jobs.

These parents, families sometimes need terher relief, to help another family who undertook a weekend with the child. so that they would gain some breathing space. Strain relief could call family.

 Camping opportunities that rested by both parents and children

Conclusion: The children and young people affected with ADHD status, the appropriate methods, development, therapies developed in a positive direction! Total social interests that we prevent that adults become psychiatric betegekké, which undermines their lifestyle, their environment, all connection systems. Aláírásunkkal declare that we agree with the statement, and we are ready to participate in the development of all children and young people with ADHD affected his life betterment, improving their chances initiative a reality.

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