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2016-04-12 22:32

Children all over the world struggle every day living with the symptoms of ADHD. Hungary is no different. Governments need to recognise this is a very real problem and our children need resources, treatment and effective educational interventions to ensure the risks of developing more serious psychiatric problems are eliminated. With the correct help and treatment children with ADHD will grow up to have full and productive lives, without it they they are at likely to be victims of missed opportunities and wasted lives, vulnerable to educational underachievement, lack of employment, poor relationships and at risk of developing substance misuse and offending behaviour.disorders. Preventing this is easy. Please recognise that ADHD is real and deserves our full attention.



2016-04-13 12:09

ADHD Europe supports the efforts of to raise awareness of and recognise the needs of children and adults in Hungary who have ADHD.



2016-04-13 12:38

Children with ADHD are especially vulnerable. So it is very important to start multimodal treatment as soon as possible, no matter what country or region the kids were born. Everybody has to fight for it. Children are the future of our countries.



2016-04-13 12:59

Help children & adults with ADHD and their families !



2016-04-14 09:21

My son Lucas has TDAH and we know how much support is needed.
Wishing all this children the best luck to find help.
Carolina García