AGAINST filming exams in GSEM

Dear GSEM,

The students have generally found the recording of the exams on the session to be unreasonable, not in line with one's privacy rights and discrimantory.These are open book exams so why record us? The times have been slashed in half, amount of Qs stayed the same to make it harded for us and avoid cheating so why film us?

Moreover, other faculties do not record their students.

 Firstly, we need to be considerate of ALL the social classes- just because some have the chance to be financially stable to afford a laptop with a camera, not all of us have this chance. Many of us have to share it with our parents that are working from home and do not have a camera.

Moreover, some students do not have the luxury of Switzerland's wifi speed and are placed in REMOTE areas and can not order a camera/ get help from UNIGE and will not have SUFFICIENT WIFI SPEED  to connect to a video session with so many participants, which is very embarassing to speak of for some but under these conditions, they will be foced to feel uneasy. One cannot just assume that everyone has all the luxuries of life.

If someone's laptop has broken, there is no way to repair it now as everything is in lockdown. Furthermore, some of us have really old technology where just a silhouette will be seen on the camera- this  has not been considered either?

Lastly, in UNIGE's email as of 07.04.20 it states that ZOOM "does not fully comply with data protection standards." Many of us do not want to be recorded in our homes on a platform that does not provide data protection. We do not want someone to be able to access our camera later.

Overall, this is pure discrimation and violation of privacy. Please, do consider reacting sensibly and adapting the exam like all of the other teachers have- it is open book the general isssues that many face due to COVID is a punishment enough.    Contact the author of the petition

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