Allow Phi Kappa Sigma's Alpha Zeta Colony to Join UMD IFC

It is our belief that our admission into the IFC will not only be beneficial to us, it will be tremendously beneficial to the community as a whole. We will improve diversity in the Greek Community. Many of our members are Jews from the tri-state area, a demographic that is quite large in the University of Maryland, but scarcely represented in the fraternities recognized by the IFC. In addition, we include individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and locations all over the country and other countries. This is the embodiment of the Phi Kappa Sigma organization and the value of diversity.  We will do our best to improve the togetherness of the Greek Community at the University of Maryland by getting other fraternities and sororities involved in the numerous fresh and exciting events that we work so hard on. We will do our best to set an example of the values, which we have stood for since or organization helped bring the IFC to this campus. We will do our best to inspire excellence.


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