Allow Phi Kappa Sigma's Alpha Zeta Colony to Join UMD IFC

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2013-11-20 23:40

Please allow this chapter to be a member of the University of Maryland community.



2013-11-20 23:41

Please allow Phi Kappa Sigma to colonize on the University of Maryland campus.



2013-11-20 23:45

Please let PKS back on campus !



2013-11-21 00:04




2013-11-21 00:05

get Phi Kappa Sigma back on campus!



2013-11-21 00:24

Its all for the frat!!love ya



2013-11-21 00:29

Phi Kaps have a long standing tradition at the University of Maryland. Times have changed, and the energy and effort put forth to reorganize this colony should be realized, accepted, and executed.
A Disgruntled Phi Kap

#8 History

2013-11-21 01:03

Recently the IFC celebrated 100 years of greek life. Phi Kappa Sigma was at the University of maryland before that. We helped found the IFC. The IFC is made of college students. We were here before their grandparents were born.



2013-11-21 01:06

The men of phi kap have exemplified brotherhood, philanthropy, and continued academic success. Not letting these men on campus and part of the IFC takes away a huge potentially extraordinary piece of the pie that is the IFC



2013-11-21 01:07

weiss is a boss



2013-11-21 01:43

long overdue



2013-11-21 04:17

Good luck! Deserve to be on campus!



2013-11-21 14:09

Randi Flick



2013-11-21 20:42

These are great boys!



2013-11-27 10:17

let em do it!


#16 Allow Phi Kappa Sigma on U of MD Campus

2013-12-04 16:52

Phi Kappa Sigma has a long tradition at U of MD. It was #5 Fraternity Row for many, many years. Granted, there was a short stretch of time where the best ideals of Phi Kappa Sigma were not at the forefront of chapter behavior. That time is long gone, and these young men should be given the chance to demonstrate the ideals of Phi Kappa Sigma; let them show how Phi Kappa Sigma is truly Men of Honor.

#17 Good luck guys!

2014-03-08 04:40

Good luck guys!