Save Arnold, Maryland and The Broadneck Peninsula from Overdevelopment!

Citizens of Arnold, Maryland and surrounding areas, please help us save The Broadneck Peninsula from overdevelopment!  We all love Arnold and The Broadneck Peninsula for its natural beauty, historic charm and peaceful lifestyle. Recent proposed developments by Koch Homes and others threaten our beautiful community and wonderful way of life.


East Joyce Lane in Arnold and The Broadneck Peninsula as a whole are now under threat from several proposed development projects by Koch Homes and others.  If the current proposed projects are allowed to proceed, more than 260 new homes will be built in a very small geographical area.  In spite of an already overwhelmed infrastructure, seriously overcrowded schools and risks to the environment, building on these projects could begin as early as Fall 2010.  These proposed developments threaten our community and way of life, its vast array of beloved wildlife as well as The Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.  If these projects are allowed to proceed, our peaceful way of life on The Broadneck Peninsula is at risk of disappearing forever. 

The current Koch Homes plans for development would include the construction of 75 townhomes off of East Joyce Lane in Arnold, Maryland as well as a community off of Jones Station Road, another off of Pendleton Avenue at College Parkway and four single-family homes behind the Furniture Solutions store (formerly Danker Furniture) on Arnold Road.  Another builder is proposing a large townhome community on Ritchie Highway between the Arnold Safeway and East Joyce Lane. These homes are being erected in the pursuit of profit and at the expense of our area’s natural beauty without consideration for the impacts that these projects will have on the existing residents, the area’s local wildlife, our environment and beloved Chesapeake Bay as well as our already overwhelmed infrastructure (roads and sewer system) and overcrowded schools.   The health, happiness, safety and wellbeing of our area’s residents are being threatened by outsiders who will leave after their damage is done.  Arnold, Maryland as well as the entire Broadneck Peninsula needs your help.  There is still time to prevent this overdevelopment from taking place.  Please sign this petition today and forward the link to all of your friends, family members and neighbors!


We the undersigned call on The Anne Arundel County Council to halt these plans for rampant overdevelopment of Arnold Maryland and The Broadneck Peninsula to keep it healthy and safe for its residents.

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