Save Arnold, Maryland and The Broadneck Peninsula from Overdevelopment!


#1 Good old buddy system!

2010-08-13 03:01

Facing mounting foreclosures and decline in values, homes sitting vacant for 2 years in some surrounding areas! I can't feel sorry any builders because you can't make money in this market.

Solution to making money it's called get a job like the rest of us, maybe a job at the County recycle center. Then you can see how badly our environment is crapped on . Or better yet take the millions you have been helped with stripping from the environment and create a company to make a difference in the bay or environment. You may not make millions but you will feel better and maybe help the rest of us live a little longer!



#2 What are signatures from Hawaii doing on the petition?

2010-08-13 23:36

I think their presence will lessen the seriousness with which the petition is viewed.

Just call me Angry!

#3 Time to turn the tables

2010-08-14 03:30

Once owning plenty of acreage here in AA County, I was absolutely refused permission to subdivide my property to provide a home for one of my children because "the schools were too crowded and I was within 1000' feet of the Bay." Soon thereafter two developers were given permission to build a total of 58 houses on what was formerly forested land. And that was well before the building of the lavish home and lighthouse without a single permit on Little Dobbins Island. If we don't act now, the remaining open space on Broadneck Peninsula will be all gone and the developers will be retired in Boca Raton or the Ocean Reef Club. Don't count on the County to enforce zoning. I once had faith in them but I don't any more!

ACT Team Member

#4 Re: Signatures from Hawaii

2010-08-14 15:56

Hi - The signatures from Hawaii are from midshipmen who are living in our area.

Jackie Stapleton ACT member

#5 Hawaii and Guam residents

2010-08-14 16:12

I sponsor the out of state Midshipmen and they do not want to see this area destroyed, with trees removed, run off in to the Chesapeake and wildlife disrupted. They said they would make a human chain if they had to, to stop the destruction. 

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2010-08-15 19:04


#7 Severna Park Golf Center next?

2010-08-16 02:44

This is 3rd-hand hearsay, but apparently Koch recently made an offer to the owner of the Severna Park Golf Center (driving range, miniature golf, 9-hole pitch & putt).  He would put up approximately 26 homes on the property.

It looks like everything is up for grabs in this ridiculous new environment of Broadneck being "open for development."

Denise Figueiredo

#8 Stop our Pennisula Overdevelopment NOW!

2010-08-16 12:57

Please, be responsible! Stop this house development projects NOW! We can't afford the decrease in our communities' quality of living. We have had enough proof that greedy does not bring any good in the long term! Be responsible!


#9 Broadneck High School

2010-08-17 13:33

Adding more space to Broadneck HS is not helpful: BHS is TOO BIG already!


#10 Re: Hawaii and Guam residents

2010-08-19 20:27

#5: Jackie Stapleton ACT member - Hawaii and Guam residents 

 Pat on the back to those young people for caring!


#11 Re: Severna Park Golf Center next?

2010-08-19 20:32

#7: Steve - Severna Park Golf Center next? 

 yes it's really ridiculous! more house in a bad economy, no jobs, foreclosures. and now no trees, and dirty water! get the kool aid ready! 

Jonelle Neuman

#12 Save Arnold from overdevelopment

2010-08-22 22:43

Please help us stop overdevelopment in Arnold Md.  Our schools are at full capacity.  We do not have the roads to handle all the homes the developers are planning.  And please, think about the bay and what this would mean for our precious Magothy.  Spread the word!!!!!!!

Michele Baker

#13 Overcrowding

2010-08-25 13:59

I grew up in Arnold in Belvedere. I moved 21 years ago. I still have several friends that still live there.  I know it was terrribly overcrowded when I left there. Not only is the roads and schools too crowded already, there is no place for the wildlife to go. People will be complaining when they have deer eating their plants and they will be complaining when a fox scares their children running through the yard. The poor animals have no other place to go but the road and your yards. Please leave some trees. Trees bring oxygen and believe me we need more oxygen in the air. With all the pollution from the cars you sure do need more trees.

Thomas Arnold

#14 Re: Overcrowding

2012-08-27 02:14

#13: Michele Baker - Overcrowding

Is Koch still planning to do this? The last post seems to be from 2 years ago.