Associa Arizona is requiring trucks with Camper Tops to be parked in the garage or backyard. This is unfair and not in the CCR. Thus Camper Tops should be allowed.

  1. Camper Tops are becoming more popular and will not be permitted to be parked on the streets or driveways of Rancho Sahuarita.
  2. Most Camper Tops are on daily use vehicles. (Mine is..)
  3. Rancho Sahuarita issue a Notice of Violation referencing per CCR Exhibit C, paragraph 2(a) Camper Top is not worded in any of the four docuements provided by Lewis Management Is this legal? 
  4. My truck has been in my driveway parked as picture since April 22, 2022. The "Camper" shell weighs 512 lbs and is permanently attached to my principal vehicle that I use for the following activities:

    1. Personal errands - groceries, mall shopping, etc..

    2. Going to work

    3. Transporting building materials such as 2x4, drywall, electrical wire, plywood, paint, etc.

    4. Transporting tools to help neighbors perform work on their homes: Table saw, Drills, Chop Saw, Tube benders, etc.

    5. Two to three weeks a year for camping/hunting purposes.

    The "Camper" shell was selected for the following reasons:

    1. Open so it can haul building material, full refrigerators, very flexible (Pictures attached)

    2. Anchor points externally and internally to secure sensitive tools and equipment.

    3. Light weight that reduced my mile per gallon by one gallon for daily use.

    4. Is lockable to protect tools and equipment.


Notice of Violation


CCR Exhibit C, paragraph 2(a)



Please note hearing is set for March 6, 2024 at 6:30 PM Club Rancho Sahuarita 

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