Barriers to education- See the person not the offence

My name is Kim I am a student studying HNC working with communities, part of my course is to do 200 hours work placement I found my own placement and submitted my pvg I was as honest as I could be and my pvg came back with no restrictions and I wasn't barred from working with anyone but my previous convictions where on it! In 2005 I was charged with a toxic crime racial assault which of course I deeply regret! I have never been nor am racist. It was a reaction I really regret I didn't understand the impact this sort of behaviour would have on another but I do now I learned from my mistakes. Due to this 10 year old crime my college won't let me do the placement as a student therefore I can't complete the work so will fail my full course. If I fail the course then I won't get into university which has been a real motivation to me in turning my life around! It took me 2 years to get into college in the first place I had to fight and prove myself worthy of the place. I do have an offending back round one that I  regret but I can't change it I'm not a bad person I just made some bad choices and it's because of my background I want to help other young people who have been in my situation and I've done everything In my power to turn my life around and give my wee boy the life I never had. I speak at events about how I turned my life around and I am passionate about helping young people stay clear off committing offences so they are not in the position I am in now! I was 17 at the time off the offence leading up to that night I had been sleeping rough my life was out of control but the last few years all I have done is make positive changes in my life and have done everything to become a hard working member of society. I have a clean pvg so why should I still be punished for crimes I committed 10 years ago! I am passionate about change I want a career in criminal justice system helping young people before they get into offending. I feel I am being forced out the college I love and the course I love and I haven't been giving valid reasons they said they where following a college policy but when challenged it turned out they don't even have one in place for ex offenders!! So I'm facing this prejudice and descions are being made by people who dont know me they just look at a bit of paper and see the crime not the person, they have me high risk in the college scoring system but none of them have met me & yet my pvg is fine, I feel I'm being discriminated against and all I want to do is finish my education. Please share my petition and help me break down barriers to education for people with a offending background we must not be defined by our crimes I have changed why should I still be punished?? I want to continue my education please help me raise awareness not just  for me but anyone else in my position as everyone has a right to have a education no matter what your background is. Thank you ❤️