Barriers to education- See the person not the offence

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2015-12-13 16:36

The girl has learnt her lesson. We can't let our pasts howl us. She is trying to change for better and that's all it matters. She should be given a fair chance. Or it will effect her children lives too.

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2015-12-13 17:06



2015-12-13 17:25

Kim was a child at the time when she committed the offence. She was punished. Now she has the right to live and enjoy her life just like you and me. Stigma has to end.



2015-12-13 17:35

Hi Kim

I sincerely hope this petition makes a difference, not only to your life but to those following in your footsteps.  I thought discrimination was history in this country but obviously not - quite sad in this day and age.  I wonder how many, of those who are discriminating against you without having met you, have never made a mistake in their life!!

You go girl, you'll get there, you've got this far - just keep on keeping on!!


Good Luck



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2015-12-13 17:36



2015-12-13 17:48

Everybody deserves a chance to improve themselves and make a go of things. From a serving Police Sergeant



2015-12-13 18:11

Everyone deserves a chance to prove they have turned there lives around.


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2015-12-13 18:16

Signed and shared on social media. Good luck with changing their minds!!


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2015-12-13 18:44

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 Hello Fran 


thank you you so much for your support and kind words. I asked them the same question they have never made any mistakes apparently. I will fight it all the way and if it doesn't work out for me at college then hopefully the next person will benefit from it. They have to change its not fair 

thanks so much 

kim ❤️



2015-12-13 19:47

Everyone has a history and we use these experiences to better ourselves!



2015-12-13 20:02

Kim is a reformed lass, she wants to help others now, please allow her to continue her course.



2015-12-13 20:05

Here we have an example of what the justice system aims to achieve in respect of rehabilitation and yet she is being unnecessarily demonised and alienated by that same system. #gieherabreak

#13 law

2015-12-13 20:09

When a crime has been commited and the law has passed sentence then, that crime has been repaid back to society and the offender has been rehabilitated, so when someone tries to make a fresh start regarding his/her life then her past should not be made accountable and prohibit her from furthering her knowledge and bettering his/her life.


come on take heed, how can people move forward if a minority still live in the past.


good luck in yor path Kim.


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2015-12-13 20:13

#13: DJA - law 

 Thank you so much for your kind words and support



2015-12-13 20:56

Good luck honey. I recognise how serious your actions were. It was wrong, however, you have demonstrated you have changed.  I am very proud of how you have turned things around.  You So deserve another chance.  We have all made mistakes in our lives nobody is perfect.  

To those making the decision I say, speak to professionals who have worked with Kim and ask them what she has achieved and maybe then you can look beyond Policy and Procedures and give the girl a chance. This is not only about her future but that of her little boy. 

 J x



2015-12-13 21:02

Adolescents change and should not continue to be punished for mistakes made then.
We need their talents in the world not their continued shame.



2015-12-13 21:03

People who are changing their past should not be prevented from doing so. They paid for their crime and should not be paying the price for the rest of their life. Restorative justice


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2015-12-13 21:06

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 Thank you for your kind words and support ❤️


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2015-12-13 21:09

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 Thank you very much for your kind words and support



2015-12-13 21:28

Legally, the college have no basis for their decision. I would challenge their decision for not only is this discriminatory, it goes against your right to an education and is damaging to your future education. I would speak to your student union or contact NUS whom I'm sure would be more than happy to represent your interests. Good luck!


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2015-12-13 21:28

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 Thank you ❤️ They don't have a policy hopefully they will put one in place now xxx


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2015-12-13 21:37

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 Thank you for your kind words. I am one of 2 student reps in my class we have went to student services so waiting to hear back from them. Thank you for your support



2015-12-13 21:39

I am a on a peer worker project in South Ayrshire. I have had a book of crimes and proved I have changed. Why can't other's. We have the best Knowledge by lived experience. We can all make huge impacts in our community. We can help empower people with similar problems that we have faced. I got the chance so why can't Kim??
Onwards and upwards every year. I am starting to be noticed as the guy they call the drug dealer. I'm stepping up the bar, by showing ex-cons like me, we can all do better. We are role models in our communities now...... Why can't Kim???

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2015-12-13 21:48

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 Thank you so much for your support



2015-12-13 21:51

Good on you Kim. I hope this petition makes the impact we all hope for.