Battling Poverty

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Poverty is the state in which a family or individual are extremely poor. This condition alone has led to millions of deaths around the world due to lack of food, malnutrition and the inability to pay for medical care. Those in poverty are a lot of the times born into the problem and they see the downward spiral of poverty happening all around them. They see their family members and their friends not have the ability to purchase food and because of this they become weak and sick. The sickness consumes them due to them not having the funding to pay for a doctor and then they are unable to work any kind of job. Eventually this spiral leads to death unless a miracle occurs. With 25,000 people in the world dying of hunger each day, that’s one person for every 3 and a half seconds, it’s a shame to know there is enough food in the world to feed them.

Statistics            The downward spiral creates more than just the inability to feed their families and themselves. The sickness created by this malnutrition kills millions more of people each year. Pneumonia kills around 1.5 million children each day due to the lack of medical attention. Pneumonia is a curable sickness that kills more than it should. There are many other sicknesses that kill innocent children and their families such as diarrhea, tuberculosis and malaria. With the proper medical attention all of these sicknesses could be eliminated.

            Poverty in America is caused more by the lack of jobs than any other reason. Even so its not even the lack of jobs, it’s that we have people certified and educated in fields that are being outsourced or high in demand jobs where the job application process only allows 1 out of 100 individuals that apply. This causes the people who did not have the money to afford the proper education to be pushed to the back of the line and not be able to find a job that pays well. Instead they find jobs where they are overqualified or are in a field that has nothing to do with their major. With this happening often in our society, we are not working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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