BIS Hanoi: Fees for AY 2021 - 2022 & Refund of AY 2020 - 2021

To Management Board of Nord Anglia Education,

To Management Board of BIS Ha Noi,

We are parents of BIS Ha Noi students who are concerned about the impact on our children’s education next school year and related fees due to the ongoing virus restrictions. We all sympathize with the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in which is not of our making and extremely challenging. We are all in this together and need to support each other.

We observe the following:

1.You could see during last year, and this year, part of the time our children are not able to get normal education as well as activities that they should have at school. Last year with more than 30% and this year more than 20% period of time, all students have to take E- learning.E learning is just temporary and emergency methods and we all know that, this could not compare with actual studying in school: No using of library, no sports, no field trips, no using facilities in school… There is the loss of our children when home learning. In this situation, we think that the raise of fees in order to enhance the quality of education in the coming year is not reality because nothing much school can do if part of time student have to stay home. For the coming year, no one could say that the situation will be better, we can see that the 1st semester, the children will study online.

Furthermore, The Vietnam Educational Ministry also released many directions that schools should not increase the fee during Covid time, we dont think BIS is out of control of the Ministry. 

According to many parents, we would like to pay tuition fee by term due to difficulties we are facing due to Covid period and this is also school's suggetion. However, we dont see any support from the school currently. Moreover, we see that the gap between full year payment and term payment is kept too high - 18% since 10 years ago. This number is out of date compared with the current bank interest. Other internation schools in Ha Noi such as Concorida, Unis, St. Paul, IVS they charge only 4% or 5% - very reasonable for parents. And other NAE schools in Asia also offer 5% or even 0%.  So, we would like to ask the school adjust and apply from year 2021 - 2022: 
- Remaining 25 millions scholarship for all students 
- Charge 0% for year 2021 - 2020 to share difficulties with parents 
- Reducing the gap to more reasonable point - max 5% for upcoming years. 

2. Regarding the reimbursements: parents just got the notice that each child was refunded 4,170,000 VND without any detailed explanation. We really dont think that reimbursement is resonable for the whole semester's unused service of our children. We need your further explanation to understand why the number is too low and your notice without explanation is not a good way to communicate with parents in this sensitive case. 

3. Distance / on-line learning effectiveness for students. We need to know the detailed plan for each year group and make sure the students can get the best benefit during this time. 

We request the BIS Management team have an online meeting with parents to discuss the matters as soon as possible before the school starts. We all appreciate the school is dedicated to offering quality all round education to all our children. However, we believe the school management board must recognize the value for money equation is now completely out of sync.Please consider our proposal in the spirit it has been sent. We should all appreciate the current national sentiment of support & understanding in these unprecedented circumstances.

Thanks and regards 

BIS Ha Noi Parents 

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