Once again the Combined Action Team (CAT) has been shut down by a decision taken by cluster commanders and station commanders in the Pietermaritzburg area. CAT was reinstated three months ago after community protests and petitions. CAT was to be reviewed after the three months.

Annoyingly, the SAPS group are complaining about resources and manpower. This is nothing but dishonesty. The SAPS members assigned to CAT are dedicated to crime combating in the jurisdiction of stations and clusters! 

Pietermaritzburg is crime infested. Service delivery has collapsed. Overgrown grass and no street lights are opportune for criminals. Crime hotspots in the Raisethorpe CBDabd the Chota Motala Road at the N3 off ramp still lacks the SAPS visibility.

CAT is a SAPS and private security companies joint venture. Resources have to be provided and the excellent successes of CAT is evidence that the resources were well used.

The community calls on the Acting Provincial Commissioner to reinstate CAT with urgency.