Bring Magnum Home

This is Magnum. He was taken tby the RSPCA when i was taken into hospital (against my will by the mental health act, i was not given a chance to sort anything our for him). They claim he was neglected because there was rubbish in the house (in a room not used by Magnum or myself). I was suffering from depression and was not always able to get up and clean, but I was able always able to look after Magnum and feed him, train him, walk him and most importantly, love him. The vet confirmed that Magnum is a healthy dog, his fur is clean and always brushed and he's always smiling. I have visted Magnum at the RSPCA centre and the officer could clearly see how strong of a bond Magnum and I share and how much we loved spending that hour with each other. I even bought him a bag of toys and treats. I have not been given the opportunity to put right what they say was wrong. As Magnum is very healthy, I feel its only fair that they should work with me to get him back home, but they're not...his time at the centre is taking up a cage that could be used for a genuine abused or neglected dog, instead its being wasted by a dog who has a loving home to come back to and a best friend who cant wait to have him back in his arms. Please sign and help me convince the manager who makes the decisions that an unclean house can be put right (and has been put right), that depression can make people physically unable to do everyday tasks but the love of a dog can reduce depression by so much with just one kiss, one paw, one unconditional, big heart! I need his paw back in my hand, I need his fur all over my clothes and a big head excitedly headbutting me when I bend down to give him a hug! What's life even for if you cant share it with someone like Magnum. Help us! Please!

(to see happy and healthy photos and videos of Magnum, check out his twitter @Magnum_pup)