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2016-07-31 09:20

Because Magnum and his Daddy need to be together for both their sakes.. the story is heartbreaking.. put yourself in their shoes just for one day.. God bless them both and praying for a happy ending.. xxxx



2016-07-31 10:59

I am sick of the RSPCA overstepping their remit, destroying families and seizing pets when they do not need to. Then doing all they can to hang on to the seized pets. This causes owners the most terrible distress. Please allow Magnum the Pup home to his family.



2016-07-31 13:13

Everyone deserves a companion. There is proof the dog was taken care of, give the dog back.



2016-07-31 17:15

Magnum has always looked very well cared for and for this reason I would like the RSPCA to be a little less draconian.



2016-07-31 18:33

To bring magnum home


2016-07-31 18:48

This makes me so sad to read. Having depression does not make someone an incompetent caretaker. Not to mention that unlike human children, animals don't get kept alive until they've found a nice foster family, so this might be hard for the author of this petition but even harder for Magnum.

If anything, if someone has depression, the last thing you should do is make their life harder. And if you take away their companion, aka their source of strength through whatever dark times they may be experiencing, you have done one of the worst things possible to make their life harder. From the dog's point of view, they probably aren't going to end up with a family that takes as good care of them as what they are used to, assuming they end up with a family.

I hope you and Magnum are reunited ASAP!! Good luck. :-)



2016-07-31 21:52

I consider this clear discrimination under the human rights act on the grounds of treating the owner of this dog unfairly because he received treatment for a mental health problem. The room that was untidy was not used by either the owner or the dog, not that this is reason enough to perminantly remove the dog from a caring owner. It's nothing more than mental health stigma & discrimination without cause.



2016-07-31 22:56

Because they should not have taken the woman's dog just because the house was a little messed up. The dog was in good condition and healthy according to the veterinarian report. That is wrong. The shelter should be focusing on animals in need not animals that already have a loving home with a loving owner.



2016-08-01 14:01

There are too many unloved dogs out there who so desperately want to find loving homes. Please do not let Magnum be one of them. He has a dad who loves him very much and wants to be with him. Please give him back to his dad!



2016-08-02 01:00

Because I believe Magnum should be with his daddy. They make each other happy. And I do not believe Magnum was abused in any way.



2016-08-02 16:41

Whenever I have tried to report animal cruelty to rspca, my entreaties have been ignored even when two distressed dogs continually shut in a barn for 13 years, no light, water scant, cheapest non nutritional dog food, no exercise, no grooming, e,etc etc but used merely as a breeding pair was ignored. Well, an officer was assked to attend by DLP officer but RSPCA merely sat outside field for 15 minutes on phone but wouldn't act as it was her weekend off! This was very far from the first time RSPCA had been called to this obviously distressing scenario yet didn't do anything or remove the dogs. (Neglect of other animals - penned calves no food/water/movement in deep litter. The final straw for frustrated locals at RSPCA inertia was when a pony had got his leg caught in fencing, entrapping him in that position for days, and in sheer panic to remove himself had skinned his leg, broken his fetlock, and all else hell had rained on him! RSPCA interest - nah/ /not oneiota. Yet when woman collapses with meningitis and is taken to hospital, RSPCA slaughter her (pet) sheep remove and regime her (pet) dogs and cats - all without consultation! That at least made the media! RSPCA need a name change - how about ridiculous society of personality disorders? ( that's mild!


#12 Get a grip

2016-08-02 19:17

I don't want to criticise people who are motivated by animal welfare.  BUT, we need some sense of proportion.  The dog is primarilay an animal driven by emotion and it looks and sounds like this dog will be suffering from the separation as much as his owner clearly is.  I have first hand experience of how much positive effect a relationship with a dog can have on mental health.  Why cause such distress to both parties?  Surely it's cheaper and more effective to give them both some support and watch them enjoy each other? 



2016-08-03 20:32

Animals are excellent for depression. I know cause ive had a cat for 18 years and when im with her im never depressed ! They are our service animals and we love them very much!



2016-08-04 17:13

Because animals and humans have strong bonds and can help lift someone from a state of depression.



2016-08-06 22:47

I cant let anything happen to animals especially cat or dogs



2016-08-09 15:55

Magnum features heavily in my Twitter feed, posts including pictures and what he's been up to with his human who I understand suffers from depression, the posts are up beat, Magnum looks healthy and sports one of the biggest dog grins I've seen. I have to ask myself would someone who takes the time to do this be neglecting his dog? I think these two need each other, and Magnum's Dad needs support in overcoming his illness. As we know pets are one of the best therapies around.



2016-08-11 15:35

I hope Magnum comes home as soon as possible.



2016-08-12 10:15

As a retired doctor I know how depression can affect people and that animals are a great help to recovery. There is no evidence, from what is shown, that the dog was anything but well cared for and healthy. All that is needed is some people support for the owner.



2016-08-12 17:44

The RSPCA is not qualified to assess a person's mental health. An inspector needs to talk to this person's GP to ensure that there is no reason for Magnum to be kept by them. The RSPCA can also talk to the vet as it appears that the dog is healthy and well cared for. If that is the case then the RSPCA have a duty and obligation to return Magnum.



2016-08-12 22:49

The RSPCA isn't a law enforcement agency, it's a CHARITY.  And technically, dogs are a person's property.  So how is it that a charity can take someone's property and refuse to return it?  Something is very wrong here.



2016-08-15 11:31

Magnum must be returned to his dad soon! They love each other very much and truly deserve to be together.



2016-08-16 14:31

Give this poor dog back to the owner It is much needed Therapy . . Depression is no joke and dogs are such Loving Companions . put another homeless,neglected dog in that cage .That dog has a bond with it's owner and it's basically a punishment by having taken it away!!



2016-08-16 22:15

Because this person obviously loves this dog and he looks in very good health,He might be put in a shelter and killed



2016-08-17 14:55

Because it;s not fair. Let him go home.



2016-08-18 21:31

every idiot knows that pets can help if you suffer from depression - so why don´t they give this well-cared-for dog back to his owner? don´t they have enough pets sitting in "shelters" in desperate need of a home? this one HAS a home!