Busing children to and from daycare to elementary school

DCC403AC-ECD2-41D2-AAB9-41DBC950FDFB.jpegin an effort to ensure our children arrive to and from elementary school safely, I am petitioning to have the school provide transportation to and from the only daycare in Attica. I have made an effort to discuss this matter with the superintendent of Attica Schools, with no consideration for student safety, denied this request. I will be attending a Board of Education meeting tonight, in hopes to fix this situation. A school bus drives right by this daycare, but will not stop to pick these children up, or drop them off. Therefore, leaving these children to walk over a bridge, and through a cross walk on a very busy street. Taking into consideration, this town has two prisons, with people out of town driving through everyday. The amount of pedopbiles that reside in this town, that endanger our children. It is time to rectify this situation, and for parents to know their children will be safe getting to and from school at such a young age. I hope to make a change, in a positive way. 

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