Canoe Wales Open Access

To the board of Canoe Wales
  • We support Open Access in Wales: You have supported this and must continue to do so.
  • We expect you to represent us on access matters appropriately. We are prepared to support you when you do.
  • We expect you to adhere to your polices on access visibly and act in the interests of paddlesport. We will 
    support you when you do.
  • We all want NWWC to be a success and it will be. We will support you to do this.
  • There is a facility at the Tryweryn: the Tryweryn is not the facility.
  • We will pay for use of facilities to include car parks in good faith: We expect you to set a fair price in the interest of sport development and to ensure fees are paid to generate revenue to keep the centre going.
  • We will simply pay for car parking if not using facilities: We expect you to recognise that if we are not using your facilities or car parks we will simply enjoy the river in a responsible and civil manner.
We will support you visibly when you do this.
You started this campaign and it is leading towards success: We want you to enjoy the success you deserve.
We intend to present this to the interim chair Emma Aldridge by email on the 12th February.


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