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2014-02-06 23:41

This is vital to the freedom of the individual.



2014-02-07 01:03

Essential, equality for water users.



2014-02-07 08:59

I get on the Lower Tryweryn down river of the NWWC and get out at a car park. I fail to see why I should pay to use a centre I go no where near and use a natural river.



2014-02-07 09:32

Payment for access to a river is not acceptable, especially from an organisation who claim they are committed to widening the access to rivers in the country.



2014-02-07 10:35

It appears as a desperate measure from a business trying to make more money from a natural resource. In my opinion it could end up driving people away rather encouraging them to the sport as not all ww canoeist can afford to pay to paddle. They need to find other ways to make money that would be 'by choice' rather than 'forced upon' them.



2014-02-07 13:45

As a land owner you can charge for access to a river from your land, but you can not charge any person on the river who's not used your land.
Please don't force us to boycott CT and put you out of business.
Free flow

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2014-02-07 13:59

It's not a natural river per se. Without the dam, CT and releases there would be no paddling of any description! It's also been modified to make it fit to paddle.

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2014-02-07 16:44

Agree 100%


2014-02-07 17:23

the dam was built and a welsh community floded ,for what? money for water authoritys ,what is this all about now? money,there should be no charges to kayakers or rafts the water companys make enough as it is and its time they gave something back to the people of wales and anyone who wishes to paddle there,and forget the discounts to cw or bcu members treat all the same,im not in this for money im just a paddler and a skint one at that



2014-02-07 20:15

CW sort yourself out.



2014-02-07 20:51

Is there any statute making canoe wales or canolfan treweryn the navigation authority?



2014-02-08 00:04

I live in Wales am a member or the BCU but from BCU Wales's attitude to this may have to become a member of England or Scotland its the British canoe UNION. Supposedly representing its members not making profit as a ltd company. Whose idea was that?



2014-02-08 18:37

A great idea



2014-02-08 21:25

ALL forms of canoe sport require access to water. CW pioneered the view that paying for access to natural water is unacceptable; PLEASE, CW, restore this clarity, in actions not just words.



2014-02-09 13:26




2014-02-09 16:41




2014-02-09 20:57

I have happily paid for the car park, indeed I have gone to the desk when the machine is out of order, but I am struggling to understand why I should pay for the centre when I have never used it in all the times I have been there other than to sign in.

This payment charge is a retrograde step.



2014-02-09 21:07

Huge retrograde step!



2014-02-09 21:17

There should never be a charge! How do you expect people to learn about the sport when there is a cost.


2014-02-09 21:21

See you when you reconsider and reverse this decision.I for one will just not paddle there.

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2014-02-09 21:24

#13: -

Why is this a great idea?



2014-02-09 21:29

Canoe wales you should be ashamed of the double faced hypocrisy of implementing facilities fees at CT.

#23 canoe wales water charges

2014-02-09 22:17

canoe wales should be improving access and not charging for it .



2014-02-10 09:13

The enjoyment of UK rivers should be free access for all, not just land owners or the rich!



2014-02-10 09:38

The only sport we won Gold and Silver at the Olympics ? Canoe slalom. Wonder where these guys learnt to paddle white water ?