1. Interferes, and significantly destroys current U.S. Constitution, Federal and State protected farming rights, in violation of one of the standards to requiring “ a high degree of protection to preserve agricultural ..... areas.” 2. The NOTICE of Second Community Meeting is deceptive and fails to inform any residents of affected area that their respective property rights may be affected, including taking property.
3. Objection to access “J” to Kroger. Kroger, Coca-Cola and Marvin, big box operations with stockholders, already have two main entrances from Route 460 and do not need to benefit from small residential land owners. The encouragement of traffic from outside Carson Road area is detrimental to all residential subdivisions on Carson Road, with increased speed and increased danger to young children and school bus pick up.
4. Objection to reference “P;” “K,” and “L” in that each of the residents living in those areas specifically bought their properties for quiet country type living.
5. Objection to reference “R”, “S”, and “Q”, which totally destroy the farm located at that region, disrupt equine therapy, disrupt equine and animal rescue, disrupt recreational activity of hunting and require the taking of multiple residential houses. Furthermore the proposed crossing of Glade Creek fails to account for the size and power of that water during flood.
6. Objection to Greenway ( any greenway) west of railroad right of way. A greenway destroys the rest of and all farmland, and creates liability hazards crossing private railroad right of ways, and is inconsistent with connections to Berkley Bottom Vineyard Parks.
7. Objection that the survey on which the Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization based the proposed study and maps for the Route 460 Project does not represent a significant statistical sample of relevant residents from which to extrapolate plans.
a. A Bonsack community study consisted of a survey of only 220 people taken in January 2022. Of the total people surveyed only 105 people were inside the Bonsack area and 115 were outside the Bonsack area.
b. The survey lacks a statistical significant group of the Carson Road, Bonsack area.
c. Survey failed to collect information from actual landowners and stakeholders along Carson Road.
d. Survey lacked significant public notice to grant the public and advise the landowners of possible significant loss of property rights.
8. Objection to the vote held on February 10, 2022, by Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization to approve Route 460 projects, for lack of clarity, failure to fully advise the public in clear and direct language, failure to advise landowners of plans under consideration. The minutes of these meetings and survey is NOT a part of the website to clearly inform the public. There is a lack of transparency, lack of due process by NOTICE of intended action by an agency affecting private landowners. This lack of transparency along with the vague references in the Community Meeting Notice ( paragraph 2 above) raises grave concerns as to integrity.

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