Citizens in Support of Georgia's Vulnerable Child Protection Act

Petition in Support of the Vulnerable Child Protection Act

We the undersigned strongly support Georgia’s Vulnerable Child Protection Act (VCPA).  The medical interventions prohibited by VCPA are harming children and tearing apart families, so their use on minors should be prohibited. n 

  1. At a rapidly increasing rate, parents are facing the challenge of addressing gender dysphoria in their minor children. 
  2. Too often, the “trans industry,” including some medical and mental health practitioners, are pressuring these families and children toward dangerous and experimental medical interventions. These include medications to delay the normal bodily development of puberty, cross-sex hormones to feminize or masculinize the body’s appearance, and even surgeries to remove healthy body parts and create non-functioning imitations of others.   
  3. Most of these interventions are irreversible in their effects.   
  4. The full long-term effects of these interventions have not been studied and are unknown. 
  5. The known medical risks of these interventions include sterilization, heart disease, strokes, blood clots, cancers, bone weakness, and severe depression. n  These medical interventions amount to treating the symptoms rather than the underlying psychological causes of gender dysphoria. 
  6. The vast majority of children who suffer gender dysphoria will outgrow it if given psychotherapy rather than medical interventions and if allowed to develop normally. 
  7. No reliable research shows that these interventions improve children’s psychological outcomes, and in fact, the best research shows that patients who do undergo these interventions persist in their psychological disorders and distress.   
  8. In an increasing number of states, parents who resist subjecting their children to these experimental medical interventions face penalties from government agencies. Some parents – especially non-custodial parents in divorce situations – have even had their children taken away from them when their resistance is labeled “abuse.”   

No child should be subjected to harmful and irreversible medical interventions when he or she is too young to understand the ramifications. No parents should be coerced by threats from the trans industry or from the government to “consent” to something they know is not in the best interests of their children. For these reasons, we urge the Georgia legislature to protect children and families by enacting the Vulnerable Child Protection Act.        

For these reasons, we urge the Georgia legislature to enact the Vulnerable Child Protection Act to protect minor children and their families from medical interventions that will do enormous harm.

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