Concerned residents of Providence Road Marietta GA

I have signed this petition on Residents concerned with the proposed Wellstar development on Providence Rd.- for the purpose of communicating:

We feel a facility with the high intensity of use proposed by Wellstar is inappropriate for this property.

We recognize that Cobb County as a community has needs for the services provided by Wellstar and other commercial providers. There are numerous locations currently zoned for commercial and industrial use, because the appropriate infrastructure and safety concerns have been adequately addressed.
 The residential address and neighborhood of 3624 Providence Road has specifically not been zoned for the high intensity of use currently contemplated by Wellstar.  It has not been zoned for such a use because this neighborhood space serves schools, pedestrians, and  taxpaying homeowners. 

We are the people who live here and in the surrounding neighborhoods or whose children attend the local schools, we are the people who have elected the Cobb County Planning Commission and Cobb County Commissioners to safeguard our interests. 

 As Providence Road Residents and Neighbors:

We will not stand for the single family dwelling at 3624 Providence Road to be re-zoned into an industrial park.

1. While the land may have contiguous points that abut Roswell Road, the frontage to Providence Road  IS and MUST BE MAINTAINED as low density residential property 

2. The property tax payers should not have their property values and way of life impugned by opening a commercial corridor through their residential neighborhood to Roswell Road.

3. The children travelling to the many schools immediately surrounding this land and neighborhood pedestrians must not be endangered or impeded by emergency vehicles or commercial traffic flows.


Please sign this petition and forward this link to all relevant contacts to let Bob Ott and JoAnn Birrell know that local residents, schoolchildren, and property tax payers have a voice and deserve support and consideration.


In addition, you may copy and paste this message or send your own personal opinions/objections directly to the following:

District 2- Bob Ott-     770-528-3316 

District 3- JoAnn Birrell-    770-528-3317    

Commission Chairman- Tim Lee-   770-528-3300

Kim Paris- Wellstar Community Outreach Coordinator 


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