Let's support the petition to the competent authorities to determine the responsibility of Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapić

In accordance with the criminal charges sent to the Special
State Prosecutor to prosecute those responsible from the institutions
of the system and beyond for violating the Constitution and Laws
of the state of Montenegro, we demand from the Parliament of
Montenegro and competent state bodies to determine the responsibility
of Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapić because of:
1) Transmission of a dangerous infectious disease (Article 288 of
the Criminal Code of Montenegro) and non-compliance with health
regulations for the suppression of a dangerous infectious disease
(Article 287 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro).
In the show "Nacisto" on TV Vijesti, Krivokapic said that he got over the 
coronavirus on his feet, which publicly admitted that he was
a carrier of
the infection in recent weeks, moving freely among
citizens, without being
in isolation, contrary to health regulations
to combat the dangerous disease.
This scandalous case followed as
a consequence of Krivokapić's nonchalant movement without a mask for
months and communion with the same spoon, contrary to health regulations.
Krivokapic's communion with the same spoon

The mandatary's call for citizens to respect the measures, because
the virus has
already taken too many lives, would deserve respect, but
its sincerity is questionable given that it comes from a man who said publicly
the day before that "if you have faith, you have no problems, you will not get
infected doing communion”.

2) Unconstitutional action in his public statements in which he 
discriminated against more
than 70% of Montenegrin citizens,
denied the anti-fascist achievements of the state and said that
is a Serbian state and should not celebrate
May 9 (Victory in Europe Day)
, which is contrary to the constitutional
order of Montenegro as an independent and sovereign state, a republican
form of government, which is defined as civil and democratic
(Article 1 of the Constitution). Prime Minister Krivokapić endangered the constitutional order of
the state by
spreading religious fundamentalism, denying
the achievements of civilization
and creating a medieval social order
characteristic of some theocratic states of
the Middle East, which is
contrary to the constitutional order of Montenegro, which clearly separates
religious communities from the state (Article 14 of the Constitution).

We remember, this is an individual who previously met with a
convicted terrorist; who was "elected" as a mandator in the monastery;
which speaks of "moving mountains from one place to another"; who
had violated health measures for months, only to suddenly remember
in vain that "it is the obligation of every believing and unbelieving man to
obey the laws of the state"; who in his team chooses two candidates for
ministers who, due to their public activities, are obliged to be held criminally
responsible for violating the Criminal Code of Montenegro, etc. Public actions and expressed views of Prime Minister-designate
Krivokapić affect further incitement of hatred
in Montenegro,
denial of the Montenegrin nation and the rights of national minorities
as well as threats to the territorial integrity of neighboring countries
("Next year in Prizren", incident in front of the Croatian Embassy ...) Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapić, in addition to the retrograde
ideas with which he is showering the public, has shown by his appearances
so far that he does not have a clear vision of further socio-economic
development and does not understand the degree of responsibility regarding
the position, that requests a reaction of all competent institutions.


NOTE: With my electronic signature on peticija24.com, I join the petition 
and the criminal charges in order to protect the legal order of the state
of Montenegro and prosecute all those responsible for its violation of
the security of citizens. Letter to the Special State Prosecutor, the Supreme State Prosecutor
and the Director of the Police Directorate regarding the filed criminal
charges for prosecuting all those responsible for violating the Constitution
and Laws of the state of Montenegro
Download the full text of the criminal charges.

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