Cyprus Cremation or Burial

We the people, be it Cyprus nationals, expatriates or any other classification of person (including any person not living or residing in the Republic of Cyprus), do hereby petition the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nicos Anastasidiades and his Government to agree and expedite within 6 months that:

1. Any person shall have the right upon death in Cyprus to be cremated in the Republic of Cyprus and that his Government shall pass all necessary laws and ensure all and any required permits are issued without obstruction for the creation of and operation of licenced crematoriums.

2. Any person being a citizen or resident of the Republic of Cyprus shall have the right upon dealth to be buried in their local community cemetry alongside fellow Cypriot nationals and shall not be excluded from any cemetry on the grounds of not being a Cyprus national.

3. His Government and all Municipalaites shall not discrimate on the option of point 1) and point 2) above on the grounds of race, sex, or religion.

4. Shall grant an audience with the authors and representatives of this petition to discuss and agree a timetable for implemenation on behalf of all signatures to this petition.