Dear Samsung, please make 64GB/32GB models of the Galaxy Note II

Dear Samsung Mobile of Samsung Electronics,

Please manufacture 64GB and 32GB models of the Samsung Galaxy Note II because there are tons of people that are ready to buy a 64GB or 32GB Galaxy Note 2 when it becomes available.  Also, there are tons of people who have already purchased a 16GB Galaxy Note II, and although they are happy with the device, they would have been much happier with a higher capacity device if they were given a choice.

Apps are getting larger every day (some requiring almost 2GB), restrictions in Android 4.1 disable moving of apps to external storage, and the system takes a third of the 16GB storage for the OS.  That leaves users 10GB on a 16GB device, which is not adequate for the needs for a phone that can do everything except offer the storage capacity that people perfer or absolutely require.


Present and Future Samsung Galaxy Note II Owners