Dear Samsung, please make 64GB/32GB models of the Galaxy Note II

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#1 higher internal memory

2012-11-30 01:31

Best device EVAR!



2012-11-30 02:56

I would have payed the extra money for the 32gb

#3 NOTE 2 32/64GB !!!!!

2012-11-30 06:36

Plz czzrry on and make the 32/64GB model of the Note 2 , cos the 16gb Model really isnt enough for us to store all our apps , and the new jelly bean OS dont allow us to transfer apps to our SD card , so its really tight in our 16GB model ! Plz Make the 64 GB model available ! thanks ! u rock Samsung !



2012-11-30 07:38

we want 32/46 GB Note 2
Richard Yarrell

#5 Dear Samsung

2012-11-30 10:51

Great idea. Samsung needs to up the internal storage to 32gb starting out. I expect that to be on the Galaxy Note 3 in 2013. And yes i plan on adding that to my already Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 all on tmobile. I roll with Samsung and Samsung only.


2012-11-30 20:02

Please make it so we don't have to root our devices to use the SD card like in previous versions of the O/S by releasing 32gb and 64gb versions

#7 where is 32/64 GB of Samsung Galaxy Note 2... ??!!

2012-11-30 23:02

Waiting so long for 64 or even 32 GB version though India was among the very first countries that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was launched in...

#8 Galaxy note II

2012-11-30 23:21

Im eligable for and upgrade and i want a higher capacity

#9 We want the 32 and 64gb versions!!

2012-12-01 09:06

I can't believe than they don't want extra money from many of us, i'm willing to pay $800 for the samsung galaxy note 2 with not contract and 32 gb of internal storage. I know that i am not the only one..

#10 Galaxy Note 2 version 64Gb

2012-12-01 20:34

Please make a 64Gb model, because Note 2 this is more than just a device for communication and 16gb for it is absolutely not enough.
Samsung Electronics is the same will be выготно because very many fans Note2 around the world, want to buy it's a beautiful device a large amount of memory.

#11 Enable option to move apps to external SD

2012-12-02 07:07

16gb is really too small, on top of that fact that most of it went into systems storage. Please enable back the feature to be able to move apps into external SD!!!!!!



2012-12-04 02:37

A good way to tell them what we need

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2012-12-04 02:38



2012-12-04 05:01

C'mon Guys. Really? Make the darned thing available.



2012-12-04 07:16

I really want a 64GB Galaxy Note 2. I require a lot of storage since I am going to use the Galaxy Note instead of a notebook computer.

#16 64 GB storage for all new Galaxy Note XX

2012-12-04 07:17

16 GB is not enough....


2012-12-04 15:07

Awaiting 64gb to be available in Malaysia ASAP....



2012-12-04 18:21

Please make 64 gb note II


2012-12-04 21:06

Great idea - 32Gb version is an absolute must. I have decided not to buy one until larger memory is available in UK. Come on Samsung - memory is cheap these days and your Note 2 should not be hindered by low memory onboard



2012-12-04 22:00

I need more capability on my cell-phone. Samsung Note 2 has most of what I need: Speed (1.6GHz), multiple processors (4), and now if it just had plenty of storage (64gb?) That would be perfect for my work as a commodities trader.


2012-12-04 22:28

We need to have 64GB, heck at least 32GB for this phone to make use of its potential!! Please RELEASE IT PLEASE!!



2012-12-06 09:24

Please make the 64GB model. 16GB model is not enough for such an amazing device.


2012-12-07 10:34

I have been waiting for 3 months for a 64GB Note2.

#24 hello

2012-12-07 10:34

I am waiting for the 64GB model of Note2.

#25 Samsung, you owe us this phone. We're fed up waiting: get it done!

2012-12-07 14:00

Samsung are on the verge of pissing off a huge number of potential customers. They should not have announced models that they haven't actually committed to manufacture. They don't seem to have grasped that there is really only one market for these devices and it is a global one. When they make a phone for South East Asia and don't make it available to the rest of the world they can only expect resentment and bitterness from customers elsewhere.