Petition to the NC Board of Elections to Reinstate Delma Blinson

Delma Blinson who was a member of the Beaufort County Board of Elections has been kicked off the Board for his statements at a Tea Party meeting that suggested an endorsement for Dr. Greg Brannon for US Senate. State law says a member of the Board of Elections cannot use thier position to make political statements or endorsements. However, as an Individual you may participate in such activities and endorsements. Mr. Blinson, at the Tea Party meeting was acting as an Individual and not a member of the Board of Elections. A hearing was held on December 20, 2013 where it was decided by the NC Board of elections to remove Delma Blinson from his Beaufort County position. Blinson, was not able to provide defense for himself at this meeting. To learn more about this story go to: and sign this petition if you believe this is a violation of Freedom of Speech.

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