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Do you know what happen when you step foot on insect ?? The nature announce that a soul has been decreased from the souls numbers that live in our planet . The spirit is a huge magnificent matter . The biggest secrets of lives . Even , if it's an insect soul , mouse or even a one cell creature despite the eyes seen without a telescope . The human being well arrive to create every organ of the human body for the alternative operations . That could success to gain the blood separation . But, it will not claim the soul creation . Cause , it's not a chemical materials with some trials to know what is it about . It's god secret with nature . For nature , your soul compare with this incest that you step your foot on it . With your knowledge or without .


Im so terrifying from the idea of kill a soul . It's all about create organizations , and people phenomenon which is harmful ,and don't belonging to ethics at all . It's far away from the mercy term in all god religions . Poisoning the street animals or even shoot them , despite the aggressive world of them with their starving , and suffering .but , some hearts even more harsh . The spirit it's allah creation , he have the only right to take it back . My brain can't imagine that anyone can take some creature soul . That all ends when i saw an accident about a cat that people give it to a street dogs to enjoy the scene of ter her a part . It wasn't be the last in our community who justify the murders of animals by psychological pressures . And , think that these creatures doesn't deserve a law to protect them . Knowing that the studies shows that the serial killer start with torture ended with unconsciously to a level of not Recognizing is that an animal or human when he can't be punished from the begining .Now it must be noted that local authorities should take serious steps to protect animals from lead homicide, negligence, torture and all various manifestations of tyranny and to hold the perpetrators accountable. And work with all sides to implement a law calling for clemency for animals and solve this case mercifully such as castration and sterilization

So please sign this petition to put an end to the torture of these poor animals.

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