Stop Friends & Family Corruption

This is a petition to stop more Erie County, NY friends and family corruption. County Executive Mark Poloncarz is allegedly siphoning off $22,000 of taxpayers’ money - your money - to convince local Democrat and former party boss Randy Hoak to run for office in Hamburg. He’s said to have offered him a $100,000 county patronage job!

This could very well be illegal, a violation of New York Penal Law - PEN § 200.56 - a corrupt use of position or authority. Plus, a potential violation of NYS Election Law Election Law § 17-154(2).

Yet this Thursday, February 18, the Erie County Legislature could vote to authorize the transfer of $22,000 raise to the scheme. No public discussion. No public meeting. Ram it through with no debate.

This is more of the corrupt friends and family plan, putting yet ANOTHER Hoak family member on the taxpayer payroll. Some members of the Hoak family have TWO GOVERNMENT JOBS!

This must end, and with your help I will end it. Please add your name to this petition to tell county politicians you’ve had enough. Together, we can stop this rampant corruption. Thank you!


We, the undersigned, demand state and federal law enforcement investigate the County Executive's alleged improper use of taxpayer funds to promise a political patronage job for someone he wants to run for public office. We understand this is likely a violation of New York State Law and therefore we further demand the results of the investigation be forwarded to the proper authorities.

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