Erect a Statue of Roger Hunt at Liverpool Football Club to acknowledge his footballing achievements with LFC and for England winning the World Cup in 1966

Fans have questioned for years; why isn't there a statue of Sir Roger in acknowledgement of the contribution he made to establishing Liverpool Football Club as the successful team it is today when he served under the management of the great Bill Shankly.. it's a travesty Roger didn't see a tribute statue to him during his lifetime however, now would be the perfect time to build a lasting tribute to show the world how proud we are in Liverpool of Sir Roger Hunt's achievements during his 11 years at our great club.

At Roger Hunt's funeral at The Anglican Cathedral Kevin Keegan rightly said....

"Why isn’t there a statue of Sir Roger Hunt, at the Kop End, where he was knighted, with something like ‘244 goals – catch me if you can’ as an inspiration to everyone passing by, the kids who want to play football?

<span;>Liverpool was founded in 1892. Only 19 players have scored over 100 league goals. You know them: Dalglish, Fowler, Barnes, Gerrard and Mo Salah joined them just 18 days ago,” Keegan added.

<span;>The 200 club is more exclusive. There are only four members: Billy Liddell – 215, Ian Rush – 229, Gordon Hodgson scored 233 goals but Roger Hunt is there at the top.

<span;>He was a World Cup winner in 1966. He was Liverpool’s top scorer for eight years. He scored the first goal on Match of the Day. He scored five hat-tricks in a season. I could go on and on."

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