Family Land

Hello family it has been brought to my attention that the family land in Bunnlevel, NC (6430 NC 210) is currently being investigated to be sold. I am not sure how many of you are aware so I have decided to write this. As you should know this land was owned by Papa (Charles Frederick Mclean) and when he died there was no will. North Carolina law states when there is no will the land becomes Heir Property. This means if you are a descendent of Charles Frederick Mclean, you own a portion of this land. With that said, I want to know what your thoughts are. Me personally I'm a senior citizen, but I would hate to see this land sold and it also seems very important to the younger generation. I know my grandchildren get six sided when we talk about the land. It has been in our family for a long time and contains a rich history from our beginnings. Don't forget that Papa raised all of his children on this land. Another thing to think about is even if the land is forcibly sold, no one would benefit because all proceeds would have to be split between all Heirs. So if you feel that the land should not be sold I would like for you sign this petition. The petition will reviewed and if there are enough signatures I will create a go fund me page so we can raise money for legal fees. Our president is trying very hard to keep things straight but we need your support. Family This is important so please think about it. I love you and remember " we have to hold up the Mclean family until we die"