Fight for Election Integrity in Lauderdale County

Kimberly Butler, a Lauderdale County businesswoman, ran for State House District 2 Representative. Following the primary election, she found proof that 67 Lauderdale County voters in District 2 were not allowed to vote for their representative for State House.  These facts were confirmed by the Alabama Secretary of States' Office.

She acquired 42 signed legal affidavits from these voters stating that they would have voted for her if they had been given the proper ballot. In an election that was determined by a difference of 14 votes, these 42 votes WOULD have changed the outcome of the primary election.

The Alabama Republican Party leadership decided NOT to hear her case and, therefore, silenced the voters of Lauderdale and Limestone County.  Denying this challenge allowed party leadership to choose the next Representative of State House D2 against the will of the people.

NOW they want to remove her from her elected position on Lauderdale County Republican Executive Board, based on the "sore loser" clause. She won this seat with over 8000 votes from Lauderdale County voters.  This is the 2nd highest vote-getter on the entire board!  It isn't enough that they were not willing to fix the issues in the primary election but now they are also trying to punish her for giving the option back to the people of her district by running a "write-in campaign."  These are NOT the activities of a group that stands for election integrity. 

Ask the Lauderdale County Executive Committee to stand with the voters of Lauderdale County and with election integrity to vote to withdraw the "sore loser" clause and all its related punishments. Vote to keep Kimberly Butler on the Lauderdale County Republican Executive Committee.

The vote will be held on Thursday, Sept 15, 2022, at 7 pm at Homesides Restaurant, 4220 Huntsville Rd, Florence, AL 35630.

Thank you!

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