Save the wildlife and bushlands/corridors in Campbelltown from redevelopment



2014-06-17 07:36

Koalas need healthy, viable habitat to survive. Habitat that is fringed by cats and dogs stressed koalas and leads both directly and indirectly (from stress related disease) to their deaths. Please protect our natural heritage. Minimise housing estates in this area and enforce regulations that aim to protect wildlife. Encourage residents not to destroy what they came to enjoy, domestic pets in these areas must be locked up at night!



2014-06-17 08:33

Koalas are in real trouble with their habitat being destroyed to make way for roads and housing developments. This colony of koalas so far are clean, and reducing their habitat is only going to put a lot more stress on the colony, which will in turn lead to disease, and also dog attacks from the increased number of dogs. Clearing and building on this land will be the end for the koalas. They are only hanging on by the skin of their teeth now. Please, just for once, put our wildlife (and very important wildlife at that) before development.



2014-06-17 09:19

Leave the nature and the animals alone! You are the only continent in the world that has these magnificent animals, cherish it!
Richard Lonza
The author of this petition


2014-06-17 09:59

Thank you all for signing the petition and having your say please spread the petition around


2014-06-18 01:04

Enough species are being killed off by mankind since they started popping up in Evolution. From the first inhabitants of any country to now. We can not wipe out our fellow species. This colony of koalas must be protected. Once they are gone from the wild, they are gone forever from their natural habitats. Stop this developer virus.



2014-06-18 01:26

The pressure on our wildlife is ever increasing and it is crucial that we keep wildlife corridors intact, or we will lose critical wildlife, in this case koalas.

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2014-06-18 04:14



2014-06-18 08:05

REALLY a petition is needed for this issue



2014-06-18 10:57

There is also a family of endangered black cockatoos, that I look forward to seeing every year. They are here now. Every afternoon I see them. The family is getting bigger. What happens to them.
Richard Lonza
The author of this petition

#10 Black cockatoos

2014-06-18 11:30

I agree I heard them 3 days ago in smiths creek love those cockatoos



2014-06-19 01:16

Please sign...

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2014-06-19 02:07



2014-06-19 10:08

This intentional destruction of native habitat should not be tolerated by the local community, I fully support this petition.
Richard Lonza
The author of this petition

#14 thank you

2014-06-19 12:18

Thank you all for signing and sharing this petition



2014-06-19 13:55

The same thing happing around marsden park with turtles , goannas, kangaroo ect . Good luck in your fight for our native wildlife .



2014-06-19 13:55

Having spent my formative years in Campbelltown I greatly value all of the greenery. In the past 12 months I have seen a koala in the bushland along Smiths Creek. Having green corridors is vital to the survival of many Australian species while also being of benefit to the human population.
Richard Lonza
The author of this petition

#17 Re:

2014-06-19 14:01

#16: - I live on smiths creek thats were mr nymbodia lives ( the koala)




2014-06-19 14:06

Green corridors are essential for the survival of Australian native wildlife. The little bushland we have left must be preserved and enhanced to maintain a source of food and habitat for critters. Thank you.



2014-06-19 19:32

Campbelltown is a special because we have prestine wilderness at our doorstep. The wildlife makes Campbelltown a home like no other. Destroying the Campbelltown bushlands is not progress, it is destruction of a peaceful habitat the Campbelltown residents enjoy.



2014-06-20 03:17

I would like to see habitat and wildlife corridors protected throughout Australia. We need to be thinking of the future - for us and most definately for the wildlife.



2014-06-20 05:12

Carla beckett



2014-06-20 07:49

Protect Australia's unique wildlife by creating natural corridors and bridges through all developments.



2014-06-20 08:07

I really hope this petition stops the demolition. Koalas are so beautiful and we have destroyed there homes enough!!



2014-06-20 12:06

Wildlife, the last thing ever thought of by the people lining their pockets. One of Australia's greatest selling points. Go figure.



2014-06-21 00:34

Save our Wildlife before its too late

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