Save the wildlife and bushlands/corridors in Campbelltown from redevelopment




This is a petition to help SAVE our native and local wildlife and one of our much loved ICONS the KOALA.

Channel 7 new report on smiths creek


Developments of housing estates and removal of our bushlands are one our well known KILLERS to our wildlife and protected species yet our governments pass the approvals of these destructive machines and MANY if not ALL our wildlife LOSE their homes, LOSE their babies and their babies become ORPHANED.




The animals that use these corridors and bushlands are KOALAS, WALLABIES, POSSUMS, ECHIDNAS, WOMBATS, ROOS, GLIDERS, and who can forget our feathered friends that fly up above for they to nest in these trees and hollows and just to name a few these are our LORIKEETS, EAGLES, OWLS, HAWKS, KOOKABURRAS, COCKATOOS the list is endless.

So if we do not voice our opinions and concerns and speak up for our wonderful wildlife then who will, it's up to us as a community to save our animals habitats that they call home.

Please show your support and love of our wildlife by signing this petition every signature counts.