Worldwide Request To A-HA To Live Stream On Internet Their Final Concert In Oslo

Снисаренко Мария


2010-09-02 14:08

A-ha это музыка моей жизни:)

Ruth Jerman-Collis


2010-09-02 19:26

great idea!

pilar escobar

#128 Long live A-HA

2010-09-02 19:29

I think A-HA is one of the most outstanding bands all over the world. At the same level as The Rolling Stones

Please, Don't stop A-HA

A big hug and congratulations



2010-09-02 19:30


THE BEST AMBASSADOR OF NORWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Giannì

#130 worldwide request a-ha last concert

2010-09-02 21:59


Per chi non avesse ancora avuto la possibilità,magari non possiamo vederlo in italia un concerto degli a-ha ,ma l'ultimo in streaming sì,quì c'è una petizione se volete firmate;

Sol Marino


2010-09-02 23:24

to the fans: please share this petition in every social network, forum, page or group you participate. Let's make this bigger!

manuela guerra

#132 Streeming Oslo concert

2010-09-02 23:29

I'm not be able to join in the concert at Oslo on 4th of December so I'd like to watch on tv. This is not my request but a family request.

Victoria Metechko

#133 Very soon we will lose our best friends...

2010-09-02 23:58

This is not only a historical moment, this is the last day when my favorite band will perform the songs I love so strongly that I even cannot find a right word to explain what I feel when I'm listening to them. I know it would be aching to watch it but I cannot let them go without saying goodbye to them on the day they're leaving... I should pay respect to them. I would be grateful if we, those who unfortunately won't go to the december concerts, will have a chance to wave goodbye to a-ha staying in our countries. We really love this band who have been our best friends for most of our lives. Please let us  see and enjoy the last hours of a-ha life... Surely, we want to prolong this wonderful life, but we have no right to force Morten, Magne and Paul to stay. But I would be very grateful to see them together for the last time on the last day they work as a-ha...

A-ha is more than just a band, it's more than their songs... A-ha is a part of my soul.

Børge Stenersen

#134 Live streaming....

2010-09-03 00:08 of vital and great pleasure for all the ones that can't attend the Concert in Oslo!


Andréa J. S.


2010-09-03 02:02

We love a-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cibby Romero

#136 25 years

2010-09-03 04:11

Fly away - Fly away butterflies, time to set yourselfs free. 

 25 years of great music I have to take with me, so butterfly fly away free.

Ekaterina Yurchenko


2010-09-03 09:20

a-ha forever

Paul Paul

#138 Show

2010-09-03 11:34

I would very much like to see this concert.

#139 Re:

2010-09-03 12:39

Tanya Zamislova


2010-09-03 13:02

Moscow LOVES a-ha!


#141 Re:

2010-09-03 13:21

Julya teacher

#142 Live Stream On Internet

2010-09-03 13:26

Hope to see... will wait...

Neelen Patten

#143 Please broadcast live

2010-09-03 13:42

I am a die hard fan of a-ha from Mauritius...Would be so glad to see them live one last time....Please broadcast live on the internet

GRANGE Beatrice

#144 very import

2010-09-03 13:53

please plase the last show live online thx


#145 Re:

2010-09-03 13:56

Nick Nick

#146 A-Ha The Best

2010-09-03 14:09

Excellent group!
J C-smith

#147 Super!!

2010-09-03 15:40

Keeping my fingers crossed for a livestream as some of us have only had the privilege of seing them perform live once in our lives but their music lives on in our hearts forever.
Aleksei koshelev


2010-09-03 16:17

Very much would like to look at a concert a-ha on line

Rewan Rewan


2010-09-03 19:24

A-ha online!!!! Go! Go! Go!


#150 oui, s'il vous plait!

2010-09-03 21:27

I would LOVE to see this happen!


All other wonderful aspects aside, wouldn't it be spectacular for a band that basically launched the video generation and cornered the market on interesting use of art and technology, to finish off by doing the same...  Giving the world a glimpse of the artistic genius that is a-ha via top current technological means.