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2014-08-26 22:15

We need to save the CNA



2014-08-26 23:50

Bring the CNA back! It's not fair to change it during the MIDDLE of our senior year. At least let us know at the beginning of the year so that we can adjust our schedules accordingly. I'm not going to get anywhere with the certifications offered now. Being a CNA would allow me to work at doctors offices, hospitals, and a chance to be accepted in nursing and medical school. I have never been more disappointed in my state. This is absolutely heart breaking and absurd!



2014-08-27 02:25

Save the CNA!



2014-08-27 02:31

Save the CNA!!



2014-08-27 02:35




2014-08-27 03:12

This is very important to the Columbia County and surrounding areas in Augusta. We must save this program for the countless participants who only want to better their lives to better the lives of others as well.

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2014-08-27 03:35

It saddens me to think that anyone could be this careless, let alone a state government. There are many dedicated students who are now denied the opportunities they worked ever so hard for by an abyssmal education department. Instead of actually opening up oppurtunitiea for young people, they choose to implement useless and poorly planned "Capstone" projects. MOST BACKWARDS STATE IN THE NATION IN EDUCTATION



2014-08-27 11:44

I am a nurse and a graduate from Evans High school. Obtaining my CNA is the sole reason I ended up in the field. I was able to work at the hospital after graduating high school, and make a good income while on college. In the past, I have always stressed the importance if obtaining my CNA in high school and the role and impact it had on my life. By working in the hospital, I was able to genuinely understand the role of a nurse and all that entailed. It helped me make a solid and informed decision to pursue a degree in nursing. This would be a travesty if the county stopped paying for these students to take the CNA exam. PLEASE rethink this Columbia County!!! All of the best nurses start out as CNAs!



2014-08-27 12:03

My daughter, Katie, was fortunate enough to take the clinical program her senior year in 2013. She is proud to call herself a CNA and is continuing in the nursing field. It would be an absolute shame to eliminate this program as so many kids work so hard to get into it. If anything, they should expand the program so more kids can participate.



2014-08-27 12:04

I am highly upset that they took away CNA certification. So many are upset and are willing to fight for this. If they had intentions of stopping certification then we should have got a heads up... Just saying.



2014-08-27 12:26

Having taught the CNA program for 7 years at Greenbrier High School, being the parent of a student who was a CNA and is now in medical school, and having been the Chief Nursing Officer of a local hospital that hires CNAs, I must say I was both shocked and befuddled at the absurdity of the removal of this program from Columbia County Schools. The powers that be need to be educated about the value of the program to our healthcare system. I wonder how they would feel if teaching assistants were removed from their classrooms?



2014-08-27 12:39

Save the CNAs!! This is a huge part of what nursing is about!! We all work as a team! !



2014-08-27 12:57

This is a very successful program and several of my bestfriends loved this and I would hate to see it be taken away. Students have the right to keep it after all the hard work they put into it.



2014-08-27 13:11

With the time and costs of what has already been put into the class there is no reason for this not to happen. Students who dont want to be certified should not be in the class, its not fair to the students who really want this for their future. This should be changed for the future of the dedicated students



2014-08-27 13:27

I am a clinical student as of now. Since this effects our futures I believe we should be able to vote on whether to chose allied health or theurputic patient care fundamentals for our second semester.   I signed up to get my CNA license at the end of the year but now this class is not helping to start my career in medicine. I have been wishing to become a cna since  middle school and that is the reason I started this program. The CNA was going to be my 1st step into become a RN and I was hoping to get a job from this. #pleasesavetheCNA



2014-08-27 13:40

I paid all this money to be in the clinical program. I plan to become a neonatal nurse and I want to have my CNA certification going into college.



2014-08-27 13:44

This is so unfair to the students already in clinical, we have all paid for our equipment, and signed up for this class thinking we would get our certifications.



2014-08-27 13:46

The whole reason I choose to do this class is because I wanted to go into the medical field and I need to CNA to help me get a decent job during college to pay for supplies and stuff I need to get my college education.


2014-08-27 13:53

I have paid $35 for scrubs, $25 for a drug test, $65 for shoes I would NEVER wear outside of Clinical, $11 for a background check, and signed up for insurance, WHY DID I DO ALL OF THIS, SPEND ALL MY MONEY ON THESE ITEMS, IF I WAS ONLY GOING TO BE A "SECRETARY"?????? This is supposed to prepare me for the nursing field. It's terrible. You must have a CNA to apply for ANYTHING IN THE MEDICAL FIELD AT EVERY HOSPITAL!! 659 CNAs are employeed at doctors, university, and medical college.


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2014-08-27 14:13

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 Paraproffessionals (teaching assistants) are also on the way out. I've been one for 25 years in Richmond County and for the past 15 years, Colubia County. The county is gradually fazing us out. I think that will be a huge mistake.  But, hey!  Don't the powers that be know better those of us actually "in the trenches"?  



2014-08-27 14:26

Save the CNA!



2014-08-27 14:58

This clinical program helped me decide exactly what I wanted to pursue a career in, physical therapy. Initially, I thought I wanted to be a doctor but through the many hours of shadowing and volunteering at the hospital, I figured out that physical therapy was the right track for me. Additionally, it helped me save A TON of money in college by knowing exactly what I wanted to do going in and not having to take useless classes or switching my major. These clinical students deserve the same opportunity!



2014-08-27 15:01

We are clinical students this year and have worked super hard in intro healthcare to get this far and have paid a whole bunch of money. It is ridiculous that they are taking away what we worked hard for and changing it something that we probably cant get employed with the certification. This is important to the clinical students and you need to give us our CNA program back. #savetheCNA



2014-08-27 15:18

Save the CNA! This program is a stepping stone for our future



2014-08-27 15:26

students are being deprived of their certification. This is stupid .