Mpenjati Beach - First official naturist/nudist beach in South Africa

Serge Pavlovic
The author of this petition


2014-09-30 18:18

It is only natural progress to recognise a beach that is visited by naturists for over 20 years an official naturist beach



2014-09-30 18:38

These days everybody have rights, why not also recognise the rights of us that want to go nude on a beach!!!!



2014-09-30 19:02

It will be great to start having official nudist beaches in South Africa. We also must be considered. I really hope the beach will be approved.

Pieter Malan



2014-09-30 19:09

It would be great, if our members could visit this and other naturist beaches in South Afrika



2014-09-30 19:16

its amazing how much nudity and sex is shown on the TV, however allowing Naturists to walk around naked on a beach is a problem, Why I ask when we are just as well behaved and normal as any other human being with clothes on. I support NUDIST beaches in SA



2014-09-30 19:57

In my capacity as the 'Holiday Adviser for South Africa' to British Naturism, the official naturist organisation in the United Kingdom, I fully support the development of naturist venues and facilities in South Africa. I strongly recommend that the Municipality approve the first naturist beach in South Africa to begin providing naturist friendly facilities similar to those so popular in Europe.

Roy Snell

United Kingdom

★BN Holiday Advisor - South Africa & Namibia



2014-09-30 21:02

Ons wil n strand in natal ook he nie net in die kaap nie
Serge Pavlovic
The author of this petition

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2014-09-30 21:15

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 This beach is on South Coast of Natal



2014-09-30 23:31

If the prudes don't like it just don't go there.



2014-10-01 03:28

This is a democracy ! We demand legal nude beaches !



2014-10-01 06:19

May nudism live forever. I cannot imagine myself a world without nudism.



2014-10-01 06:30

They say everyone has the right to go to the beach. Well, lets make it so!



2014-10-01 06:54

South Africa is probably the most beautiful country in the world with lovely nature, beaches and a climate to match the best.
We've came a long way to improve our culture to be free and democratic, yet we sadly lack the freedom of choice. As naturists we only ask for a small piece of this vast country where we can be who we want to be without being judged and prosecuted.
Sadly the majority of people regard naturism as 'sinful' because of nudity and they see 'sex' and everything else that goes with it, whereas it is exactly the opposite. The 'sin' is not with the naturist, but with those who condemn and judge the naturist, as the sin is in their mind.
I am very much in favor for a nudist beach and hope that the authorities will give this the go ahead.



2014-10-01 07:06

My daughter grew up a naturist and I believe she turned out a better adult than many of her school friends. While the other children at school were intrigued by porn magazines she turned her back on it. Violence, cold blooded murder and suggestive sex is acceptable on TV but simple non sexual nudity is not, why? Every one has the right to decide for himself how he likes going to the beach and asking for a few small designated beaches along the vast SA coastline is not asking for a lot.
Native Natural Natuurhel


2014-10-01 07:55

An officially designated Nudist Beach with the appropriate warning signage for those who chose not to be "offended" is ideal. The prudes can stay away and everyone is happy.


#16 Nudist Beach Mpenjati

2014-10-01 07:58

Everthing is about freedom of choice. Let those who want to go nude do so. I know that particular beach well and it is ideally suited as a nudist beach as one has to to go on a bit of a 'hike' to get there from the parking ground on a dedicated path. One cannot 'accidently' get offended without knowing well in advance that it is a clothing optional beach. Furthermore people have been using it for many years as a nudist beach anyway, so why the agony in recognising it as such?



2014-10-01 08:11

What is the fuss about? All countries have beaches that accommodate nudism for those that choose to go there. If you don't like it don't go there - its that simple!



2014-10-01 08:17

I have visited South Africa as a tourist and loved what little I saw. I would be much more inclined to return and spend my money there if naturism could be part of my holiday.



2014-10-01 09:21

There is nothing shameful about the human body so why have to cover it on a beach or in the sea



2014-10-01 12:08

Please get everyone sympathetic to our lifestyle to sign. We only want a tiny bit of the huge South African coastline, but even that is too much for the NIMBY's



2014-10-01 13:57

great idea!!!



2014-10-01 15:16

Simple nudity causes no harm to anyone, and is indeed a more comfortable and practical way to enjoy the beach on a nice day. All beaches around the world should be clothes-optional IMO. Just because some people have prejudiced and bigoted views on seeing others' naked is no excuse to put a stop to a healthy lifestyle. We all have to put up with things we don't particularly like - I say live and let live and respect each others diversities.


2014-10-02 03:35

It is time that all Naturist / Nudist stand together. Let the people see we mean business and want a dedicated "Clothing Optional" beach. Everyone will benefit on the long run. Keep the ball rolling.



2014-10-02 07:14

I think this is wonderful and should be granted.



2014-10-02 10:09

Naturist beaches are a common finding worldwide specifically in Europe.

I am of the opinion that this will benefit tourism in the region.