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2014-12-16 15:26

The South African National Naturist Association (SANNA) supports this petition. Sandy Bay has been a naturist beach for over 20 years! It must now be declared an official naturist beach! Athol Lutge, Chairman, SANNA.
Scott RedCloud


2014-12-16 15:54

Good Luck! I hope it does become a reality!


The Naturist Page

BN International Director


2014-12-16 15:59

Official status will help to maximise International Naturist visiting with the associated spending of the Buff Rand at local businesses. Ex Rate 1 Buff Rand = 1 KR

Best Wishes from British Naturism 


#4 Re:

2014-12-16 16:53

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 I have been visiting Sandy Bay since 1973 , that is more than 40 years, I think it is high time to legalise what I was doing over those many years !!



2014-12-16 21:02

Good luck, hope you can get it legalised... need to show the world that nude is not rude and a nude beach can be family friendly



2014-12-16 23:44

Been visiting the beach for many many years and there are always tourists there.

About time they get legal protection from being harassed.

Kind Regards



2014-12-17 05:14

World wide Sandy Bay is renowned as a naturist beach, but lately loosing it's popularity due to unsavoury characters roaming the beach. The only way to prevent this is to declare it an official nudist beach where naturists can enjoy themselves.



2014-12-18 06:58

I wish you well in your endeavour for an official naturist beach

#9 Re: questions

2014-12-18 10:52

  1. #1: -  The proposed rules, are they new or have always been applied and being formalized now. Secondly, how will you enforce these rules?



2014-12-18 12:48

The more places we can get, the better. Especially beaches.



2014-12-18 13:53

O Naturismo é uma proposta de vida saudável,
harmoniosa e respeita o meio ambiente.
A sociedade precisa destas propostas para melhorar a vida de todos. Vamos ajudar a oficialização da Praia de Sandy Bay
Serge Pavlovic
The author of this petition

#12 Re: Re: questions

2014-12-18 14:33

#9: Nutty - Re: questions 


Naturist Code of Conducts is accepted all over the world and true naturists are happy to obey by it. The way to implement it on the beach is to say in by-laws relating to the beach, that this Code of Conducts applies to the beach (as we did in case of Mpenjati beach). The signage will be erected at the entrance to the beach so public can be informed about them. Then naturists themselves (first of all) in conjunction with Law enforcement agencies can implement it to the beach.


Serge Pavlovic
The author of this petition

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2014-12-18 14:35

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 Google translate of the comment #11:"Naturism is a healthy life proposal,
harmonious and respects the environment.
Society needs these proposals to improve the lives of all. Let's help the formalization of the Sandy Bay Beach"



2014-12-18 15:28

I am a South African living in Germany, and I love to sauna. Being naked with other people is empowering.

I hope more South Africans can realize that.


#15 Sandy Bay

2014-12-18 20:08

I can see that this could be a great boost for the tourism industry. May I wish the campaign every success.



2014-12-19 09:18

what a wonderful place



2014-12-19 17:40

There are so many positive reasons for Sandy Bay to be declared an official naturist beach that it appears to me to be a logical step to take. Naturist tourism could be promoted more extensively, the beach could be maintained to higher standards and safety measures improved. The publicity would highlight the Cape Town municipality's enlightened and progressive action that would be in line with respect for the diverse cultures of our rainbow nation. Those members of the public who do not follow naturism are free to frequent the vast and numerous beaches that are unavailable to naturists. Naturists respect the limits of non-naturist beaches and show tolerance to those who do not follow the naturist lifestyle. Such tolerance and respect should apply to equally to naturists!



2014-12-19 22:33

Sandy Bay is a South African cultural treasure: it deserves official recognition, respect and protection. Sign this petition as a mark of your support!



2014-12-22 07:07

Although I do not get to Sandy Bay anymore, I will sign as Sandy Bay left me some wonderful memories !!Any one else remembering the days spent on Sandy Bay, PLEASE sign
oupa smurf west coast

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2014-12-23 09:51

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 They will have to put up a portable nudist police  satilite station with nude constables.



2014-12-24 09:25

Good luck with obtaining official Naturist Beach status for Sandy Bay beach. It is a wonderful attraction on the Cape and everyone and the local economy will benefit greatly from official status.



2014-12-25 00:35

I Davit as a naturist like to say a big yes to sandy bay to be a naturist beach.naturist community are get growing over the world. We need more safe place for naturist from over the world.regards David
Sonja Otto


2014-12-26 05:33

If will be wonderful go have sandy bay Approved....  thank uou to every one involved 

 .. myself appreciate this..




2014-12-28 18:41

Yes, declare Sandy Bay beach an Official Naturist Beach



2014-12-29 11:36

You should carry on with the petition activity, I think this is the right way to achieve great things like this one.