Route 66 Gasconade Bridge: REPAIR, DON'T REPLACE

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2014-12-27 00:44

Save this bridge and make a landmark.


2014-12-27 01:10

The lure of the open road, the magic that is Route 66... by repairing and not tearing down, you would be allowing us to continue to travel across history.



2014-12-27 01:10

SAVE ROUTE 66!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2014-12-27 01:37

i want to repair old bridge, for it is the important heritage of Route 66.
Penny Black


2014-12-27 07:44

Future Route 66 Roadies need to feel every aspect of the Main Street Of America. People will say, "It's just a bridge." Roadies will tell ya, "Take a ride across the old bridges on 66. Pause for a moment. Feel the nostalgia, the history, the love for the Mother Road. It can't be measured! Like a "Mother", we don't wanna lose one of our own!!!"



2014-12-27 11:57

It is very important to save this icon of the Mother Road.



2014-12-27 14:04

this highway is a big part of this countrys history why destroy it all?



2014-12-27 14:55

Let's preserve the Mother Road. Don't repeat what you did to the Meramac River bridge



2014-12-27 16:26

As i travelled RT66 in 2012 i would hate to think of this historic bridge i stopped to take pictures of will no longer be there--we value our heritage in England PLEASE value YOURS!!



2014-12-27 16:51

Route 66 is a a great historic attraction. It brings global tourists to the heartland. This tourism provides tax revenue, jobs and good will. Preserving the heritage of Route 66 is not just good for the people who live and work along the motorway, it is good for all.



2014-12-27 17:43

please save our route 66 treasures, we need our American heritage preserved. so many foreign visitors come to see our past and not much of it is left. it will be sad when they no longer have a need to visit our country.



2014-12-27 20:20

Way too many things have been removed from Route 66 already. Please help preserve what little is left.



2014-12-27 21:01

To learn more about the history and legacy of Route 66, please got to .
66 Traveler


2014-12-27 21:35

MO should be proud of its Route 66 bridges; they are a major tourist attraction drawing thousands of travelers to the state each year.  MO already embarrassed itself by the destruction of the Meramac River bridge (thus pulling the rug from under the Route 66 Park and its pull on 66 travelers).  Don't repeat the same mistake; once this is done, it can never be undone -- never.  Too many other states and transportation departments have made the mistake; learn from their lessons.  The Gasconade Bridge is a treasure that should be preserved so future generations can enjoy the ethos of the Mother Road -- instead of remembering MO as a destroyer of its own heritage.  Cost  money?  Of course!  But it's an investment in the future of tourism in the state.  It can be done.

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2014-12-27 21:50


2014-12-27 22:03

Viva Route 66 and the historic Gasconade River Bridge! From fellow Mother Road supporters at



2014-12-28 01:31

I have not seen this bridge, but hopefully it will be saved for all who love the Mother Road!

#18 Route 66 Gasconade Bridge: REPAIR, DON'T REPLACE

2014-12-28 02:37

I have not seen this bridge yet,  but I want it to be there when we come thru MO next summer!



2014-12-28 03:23

This bridge is one of the rare truss bridges left on Route 66, certainly one of this size. And it is one of the greatest photo ops you will find along Route 66, in the middle of one of the most scenic parts of Route 66 you will find anywhere. It is impossible for me to understand how this bridge cannot be repaired...BUT at what cost? I guess I have to ask in response, when will the day come when we look at what is supposed to be a 2,448 mile ribbon of modern american history and ask ourselves when it is time to save something when the alternative is a 2,448 mile ribbon???



2014-12-28 06:41

This Bridge is a Historical Landmark to a lot of people and is on Route 66 The"Mother Road !!! People fromm other countries come to Our "USA" TO TRAVEL it should be saved !!!



2014-12-28 07:52

We need to keep as much of RT 66 Alive and preserved!



2014-12-28 16:49

Please sign this petition and share. Even if you are not a big Rt. 66 fan let's do what we can to keep history alive.



2014-12-28 17:25

Historic sites need to be preserved, not torn down. MODOT needs to save this historic bridge for future generations.



2014-12-28 18:48

why tear out history.People love to see this whether they drive it or walk on it.We don't need all this modern stuff.Fix what is there.



2014-12-29 10:20

je suis de Belgique et j aime les usa ! sauvez votre patrimoine !!!