Route 66 Gasconade Bridge: REPAIR, DON'T REPLACE

MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation), recently closed the 90 year old bridge over the Gasconade River near Hazelgreen, MO over safety concerns.

While this will immediately impact travelers of Route 66, there is a serious risk MoDOT will demolish the old bridge and replace it with a more modern design.

They also claim they want to move fast on this one, so support for preservation of the bridge is urgent at this point.

The 1924 Gasconade bridge is eligible for the NRHP (National Register of Historic Places) and is only one of 24 remaining through truss bridges on Route 66 and one of 8 mixed truss span bridges on the 2448 mile stretch.

This bridge is one of the crown jewels of the route. Built in 1924 (No. G-245) by Riley & Bailey Construction, it consists of a Single-span Pratt Through Truss,  a 2-span Parker Through Truss; and a Single-span Warren Pony Truss.

Sign the petition to give weight to our demand that this bridge be repaired in such a way as to keep its authenticity and historic value fully intact and not have it replaced.