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2015-01-01 12:49

As the leader of a syndicate of 75 plus members regularly fishing the river Wye, I am 100% in favour of this petition and give it my unconditional support, as do my membership. NRW and the UWF should be supporting the angling fraternity and taking whatever steps are necessary to improve and increase Salmon stocks in the river, not putting obstacles in the way of those who are attempting to do so. If the Wye is an 'at risk river' why risk it further by closing the hatcheries?



2015-01-01 13:50

i fully support this sensible petition



2015-01-01 13:57

We need to act now



2015-01-01 14:46

These actions must take place in order for the Wye to survive as a salmon river. I have been involved with a Wye salmon fishing syndicate for over 20 years and what has happened to the river is a disgrace. The former EA/NRA seemed happy to help other rivers with stocking salmon parr but not the Wye.(eg the Thames and Trent). This is unfair. A lot of people have spent a lot of time and money on the Wye SNR project. If the welsh authorities will not allow stocking, then why cant the owners and anglers pay for this to be carried out at a private hatchery. There would be no involvement by them, so whats the problem??? WUF need more than habitat improvements to kick start the river as clearly this alone has not done what was hoped over the last 18 years! If you have more habitat and there are not enough fish, then you need to have a 5 to 10 year plan where you stock with reared fish at parr stage into semi natural environments. You then give the fish a better chance at returning as adults. Stocking with fry is a waste of time as the fry are fodder for any other living creature. Let us be allowed to complete our SNR project that we started; there will be no cost to any public bodies as it is all privately funded. These stocking projects do work. Iceland has no natural stocking of salmon and all parr are hatchery reared. The Carron, Ure, Delphi, Dovey, Test and Itchen to name but a few have all benefited from stocking so let us stock out river too. We no not want to b dictated my some faceless people who do not know the the first thing about the Wye and the importance of game fisheries to rural and local economies!



2015-01-01 17:22

We need the support as do others, keep it fair.



2015-01-01 17:34

Total madness
The salmon needs all the help it can get
Mass cull of inland cormorants
Up stream habitats protected
Total ban on canoes in small streams sept to April
And mass stocking salmon and Seatrout parr
This needs to be done and quickly


2015-01-01 20:51

Not before time. This river is now a disgrace, Even with the the nets off and putcher rank virtually closed extra fish from this source have shown very little affect. Millions have been spent, even an OBE awarded, articles in the press claiming victory and yet here we are looking down both barrels. A redundant NRW with no expertise within its ranks, head of fisheries with no field experience and now they ask us to do some work for them having cut off at the knees a project that most people supported -mainly because it was not WUF controlled.Namely the SNR project.
Some people need to eat humble pie -we don't blame them for trying but please admit things may not have been much worse had you(WUF) not been here at all.



2015-01-01 22:09

This river needs all the help it can get. Millions of pounds have shown little or no reward yet still NRW want to go down that road in conjunction with WUF who have spent the money. They NRW?WUF reject an initiative popular with anglers who supported it with time and money and lets face it with some hope. WUF have had thier day and failed so why remove a plank of possible recovery such as SNR.



2015-01-02 00:30

Salmon on the Wye have almost disappeared and anything that can be done to revive it and return it to even half the level of its gory days must be done - urgently.


#10 Another aspect of the debate

2015-01-02 12:10

In an article I read some time ago written by atlantic salmon conservationist Orri Vigfusson he added a very convincing economic argument.  He claims that a salmon caught on a line is worth around £1500 to the local economy as opposed to a net caught salmon being worth around £5.  

My point is that, in addition to the strong case for conservation of atlantic salmon, which naturally all fisherman whole-heartedly support, there is an equally powerful economic advantage in working to restore the stocks in the river: it would improve trade for all those businesses that depend on slamon fishers returning to the river year after year.



2015-01-02 12:28

Licences to shoot fish eating birds such as goosanders and cormorants would be a help or better still remove their protected status.



2015-01-02 13:48

Power to your elbows chaps let hope it succeeds... certainly it is urgently required before things deteriorate further!


#13 Re:

2015-01-02 14:04

#1: -  




2015-01-02 15:32

hope all goes well for you in your quest



2015-01-02 16:24

Sounds like an excellent initiative



2015-01-02 16:32

Good Luck.

#17 Do NOT support this campaign !!

2015-01-02 17:02

I have discussed this issue with a number of fishery scientists and believe that the NRW have definately made the right decision to close hatcheries. Although I agree that hatcheries seem like a proactive rapid and helpful approach to restock our rivers, the scientific data and studies actually show that hatcheries do more harm than good to our stocks of salmon. The big flaw in the hatchery approach can be likened to an arranged marriage between a non compatible cock and hen salmon - man is not capable of recognizing the right cock and right hen for spawning and the probability is the fry and parr will be genetically weaker than a natural stock. In nature (no intervention from man), salmon are very selective in choosing a mate and this is critical because they need to adapt to micro-environments within the river system (differences in pH, flow rates, insect availability). It is much better to invest our money on improving the river system and removing predators - nature is the best facility to deliver larger stocks of healthy salmon.



2015-01-02 17:51

Excellent idea but I doubt if the EA will take notice in my opinion they are not fit for purpose, Lets put fisheries in private hands run by professional people Martin James MBE



2015-01-02 18:16

seasons have been awful. Normally 3,500 salmon and sea trout now 300 in total. Disaster!


#20 Re: Do NOT support this campaign !!

2015-01-02 18:20

#17: concerned - Do NOT support this campaign !! 

There is absolutely no proof of any of the fears of Mr Concerned - it's just opinion masquerading as fact. In other words it is dogma! This years rod catch of 560 fish, some of which were caught more than once and others kelts reported as fresh fish, is simply appalling for a river the size of the Wye. This river needs all the help it can get and it needs it right now!



2015-01-02 18:21

The declining Wye salmon stocks are indicative of a national and international crisis. We cannot just sit on our hands and do nothing.


#22 Re: Do NOT support this campaign !!

2015-01-02 18:28

#17: concerned - Do NOT support this campaign !! 

 This shows someone, (concerned?) who has never actually been out in the field and seen what actually happens.  Read a few books, a few papers by career researchers, denied the stockings that have worked all over the world, happy to let a scientists who  never got his hands dirty to cloud his thinking. Perhaps he would like to show us a scientist whose actual field work or even research has factually improved a salmon river rather than sitting at his computer all day try to rubbish someone else's work.  I will send you a postage stamp Mr Concerned to print your reply on.



2015-01-02 18:51

I totally agree with this petition.
With reference to "concerned" on the comments page:DNA profiling of Brood stock, now enables hatchery managers to be guided by scientific evidence as to which, male and females should be crossed to produce the most viable offspring, thus genetic concerns from hatchery reared fish are minimized.
Habitat work is all well and good, but Fish make Fish it's as simple as that.
NRW's, fisheries officer's recent comments on TV, that "nature knows best" is untrue, when other endangered species ie: Red Kite, Pearl muscles even Vole's have been given a helping hand !



2015-01-02 19:17

Having watched the £10 million pounds worth of habitat work being undertaken on the Wye, (funded from Europe) It was very disappointed to know that Mandatory Catch & Release was implemented the year the funding ran out. The funding was NOT allowed to be used for supplementary Salmon stocking to rebuild the population which has so greatly declined.
To take Brood fish from the wild, to nurture and protect the young offspring for the first ten months of their lives, (even if you believe that the offspring are not as strong), has to be beneficial in increasing Parr/Smolt numbers. The returning adults from hatchery stocks bolster the "natural" wild fish and increase the river run of Brood fish, this creates the "natural" recovery that EA/NRW have spoken of.
Having been involved in Wye Salmon rearing for the bottom of the river, on a small private scale, and now not permitted to do so makes me very angry. When Anglers, Clubs, Associations and Federations fund their own improvement schemes, at NO cost to the Government bodies, in my view they should applauded for working to regenerate their river stocks, the alternative is to live with the consequences of the failed EA/NRW remit "to maintain and improve" fish stocks. Peter Gray and Kielder were the saviors of the Tyne,(the greatest Salmon river in England and Wales) why are no other river systems allowed to replicate it !!



2015-01-02 20:05

About bloody time!!!