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2015-01-31 11:12

I travel form New South Wales to West Cork every year. The airport at Cork is a vital link in that travel chain


2015-01-31 12:14

We need a clear government commitment stating what is being done to protect Cork Airport. A long-term strategic plan that secures LHR slots, opening hours and air traffic levels (passenger and freight), and a financial plan that removes the shackles and allows for growth.



2015-01-31 17:03

It only takes a minute so please sign the petition to save Cork Airport!

#4 Re:

2015-01-31 17:46

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 Thank you for taking the time to sign the petition . We are all amazed by the Governments non-response to the serious on-going implications if the airport should go. Please share amongst all those you know who would have an interest. 


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2015-01-31 17:47

#2: Mick -  

 Well said!



2015-01-31 20:59

Cork Airport is a wonderful facility for everyone living in the South. I hate having to go to Dublin for everything, including the airport, most inconvenient despite the air coach service. I live in Cork, Cork is the second biggest city in Ireland and we have a right to our own airport.



2015-01-31 22:42

Cork airport is vital for this end of the country. We have already lost our ferry service. To lose the airport would be devastating for, business, tourism and the people of the district who wish to travel.Destinations available from Cork have dribbled away over the last 10 years or so, but the idea of losing the facility altogether is unconscionable.



2015-02-01 00:10

It would ba taking Cork back in time if the aiport closes. Cork is the second city, biggest county and the best county in Ireland.



2015-02-01 09:09

We have a house in West Cork which has many visitors who bring spending power to that area.
None would consider the journey if Cork Airport was closed.



2015-02-01 11:17

My family and I have lived in Germany for the last 4 years, travelling back to Cork to visit our parents and family becomes a logistical nightmare, by the time we arrive in Dublin, we have completed just under half our journey, having a successful Cork airport with more route options available would make life so much easier for us and the other Irish families living in the Dresden area..



2015-02-01 18:35

It is an important Irish hub that connect southern Ireland to the rest of the World



2015-02-01 19:12

Please please keep Cork Airport open I go home 3 or 4 times a year Dublin is so far away



2015-02-02 21:29

County Cork needs to be properly connected to the outside world, and Cork Airport is a very important part of that.



2015-02-04 12:45

Need Cork open it's great to fly from midlands in UK



2015-02-04 20:26

I would love to see the return of the cork to Rome flights!!!



2015-02-04 20:40

come on all my Corkonian .. please sign . it is to benefit us all .



2015-02-04 20:52

With all the T.D's we have in the Dail not one of them have the balls to fight properly for the airport!!!!!


#18 Where are all the flights gone?

2015-02-04 22:44

seriously???? Where have all the flights gone? Can't fly to Italy, can't fly to Dublin, can't fly to Prague. dublin is a nightmare to get to, esp with kids. Why why why? Bring back the flights to Italy please.make Cork airport a 'real' airport please., with an actual choice of flights.




2015-02-04 22:45

Don't let Cork Airport die. We need it badly!



2015-02-04 22:45

The 2nd biggest airport, yet it hardly has any flights? What's the point? An airport is made for flying.




2015-02-04 23:20

Save Cork Airport and then Rename Cork Airport to Rory Gallagher Airport!



2015-02-04 23:23

It's an embarrassment that we're losing flights from this major Irish airport. And internationally humiliating that there's a danger we'll lose the actual airport!



2015-02-04 23:23

Cork airport is an extremely valuable resource for Cork and Munster.



2015-02-05 01:17

Save it!
Why ever not?


#25 Cork needs more flights and flights to and from Italy

2015-02-05 01:20

Do the Government realise that having no airport means that companies will move away? It is shameful having so few flights, and most of them to the usual holiday destinations. People travel for many reasons, not just to go on holiday to the same islands every year. Every time I want to travel to Italy to visit my family it's a nightmare because there are no direct flights. The journey from my house in Cork to destination takes literally 12 hours. It would be easier and faster if I was living in the US. It's just shameful!