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2015-02-07 16:16

ne razumijem kako vam istitucije okreću leđa, mora čovjek odgovarat za svoje nedjelo.



2015-02-07 22:15

Justice. Dogs are beings and live creatures with feelings too



2015-02-08 01:51

There needs to be punishment for such a brutal and unnecessary act to an innocence life.


2015-02-08 05:23

I have signed your petition,  although I am from the UK,  I am unsure if my signature counts, I hope it does. 

I hope you get justice for your dear pup. 

No animal should have to suffer this barbaric treatment,  I hopethe person responsible is brought to justice. 



2015-02-08 06:18

There is no reason to have looked such a precious gentle dog. How dare no one help



2015-02-08 08:04

I have 3 Saint Bernards my female just had pups I have been taking care of these pups for 2 months and I am APPALLED this man should be beaten himself with an axe!!! What a bastard please give this pup justice!!!! In the US where I'm from it would not be tolerated the police and ASPCA would bring him DOWN Animal cruelty in the US is highly not tolerated at all!! Can't believe cops in Serbia turned their backs what a disgrace that would never happen here in US!!!!!! JUSTICE NOW!!!!!!!!



2015-02-08 09:03

I am so very sorry for your loss.  I have St Bernards and know how much you loved your dog.  They are a wonderful part of a family.  Honor your pup's memory by starting a campaign in your country to prevent cruelty to animals.  Get your story covered by newspapers and get that man's name in front of his family and neighbors.  He will be ashamed when others look at him with disgust.  

And congratulations on your new baby. :)


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2015-02-08 09:26

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 Thank you so much for your sgnatire! We really appreciate that! And thank you for the advice. The word already got to the most of the newspapers here... and we are going one step further. People is trying to reach to the mayor of the town where this all happen. We hope that they will fall under the pression.


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2015-02-08 09:31

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 Unfortuanately things in Serbia don't go like things in the rest of the world. That include the police too. Here...things are pretty much like in the Wild West. If you have somebody to watch your back (from the police, city hall, politic...), you are untouchable. 
So now people got sick of that!!!
We hope that with this we (people) will make the difference!
Thank you for your signature!



2015-02-08 13:34

wouldn't get away with it in US



2015-02-08 14:24

This man is a spawn of evil and is a danger to society. He brings shame against the people he lives among. He needs to be punished to the maximum degree.


2015-02-08 14:42

Sadly, probably nothing will ever happen with this lowlife and murderer. To me, the issue is, if he so freely killed a small animal which poses no threat to him without any remorse, he could one day kill a kid trying to find his ball in murderer's yard... And when something like that happen, let authorities not say "Yes, he was a looner, but not a threat"



2015-02-08 15:36

This is a very cruel man. What he did is not excusable. Puppy is just 4 months old. He is too young and innocent to die such a cruel death.

He must be jailed!!!



2015-02-08 15:42

If he can do this to a puppy what would he do to a human!



2015-02-08 17:35

Save them please



2015-02-08 18:46

justice is needed



2015-02-08 19:04

Every being has the right to live in peace free from evil man.. This is a a crime against humanity.,,, this abusers and killers must pay!!!



2015-02-08 19:14

This killer needs to be apprehended and punished / cruel monster



2015-02-08 20:32

This idiot must never be allowed to have animals again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2015-02-08 20:59

This man is sick vicious and nuts next it could be a child or adult my heart goes out to this family



2015-02-08 21:21

Justice for puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2015-02-08 21:42

Off to jail for the person that did this. Animals should not be abused!



2015-02-08 23:39

Pls people start to think differently about animals.They have feelings just like us. Pls. punish the man who killed 4 months old puppy. Why not just return it to his neighbours?



2015-02-09 08:01

people that hurt innocent puppies need to be punished severely this is Uncalled call for..
we are supposed to be a civilized society people that do things uncivilized like that need to get their ass beaten to a f****** pUlp! this guy needs to have his balls cut off and shoved down his f****** throat cause he is a piece of s***...



2015-02-09 09:04

Actually I'm truly sad about hearing such cruel things at innocent pets.. Should punish all monster people who kill such cute & innocents just likes little babies in some families .. I hate those people.. :-(