Public plea to suspend the construction of garages, riding stables and garden in area of Bratislava



2015-02-21 14:14

Jsem archeolog a biolog s třicetiletou praxí v oboru. Velmi by mě potěšilo, kdyby alespoň část lokality byla zachována jako archeologická konzerva pro výzkum budoucí generace. A samozřejmě to, co se odkryje, by mělo být prezentováno v rámci vhodného architektonického řešení.



2015-02-21 17:40

This is a unique opportunity to present global history at the heart of Slovak culture. It deserves an independent conservation programme involving an international team of experts.



2015-02-21 18:48

Short-termism needs to be confronted and overcome on every occasion that it shows itself.



2015-02-23 18:51

Bratislava Castle is a beautiful treasure of world heritage. The recent finds of Celtic and Roman architectural remains, not to mention the Celtic coin hoard, Roman bronze signet, and other artifacts have extended our knowledge of Slovak and Central European history by almost 1000 years before Bratislava was first mentioned in writing in 907 CE. It would be a shame to simply cover up the 1st century BCE Celtic kilns, Roman pavements and water tanks when it might be possible to integrate them into the design of the planned underground garage and to extend the exhibits of the Slovak National Museum that way. In Athens, Greece, archaeological finds from digging new subway tunnels were integrated into the design of the Metro stations and have become tourist attractions in their own right. It would be great if visitors of Bratislava Castle could similarly experience the amazingly varied and long history of occupation on Bratislava's Castle hill.


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2015-02-23 20:06

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 Yes, but there is no need for garages at all... just across the road is garage, whitch is 3/4 empty all the time. Now there is a construction pit, and it have to be filled with something. I think arceological presentation of more than 2000yrs of Bratislava history would be much better, than another empty garage. That garage is realy bad and useless idea at all, from the wery beginning.... but no one ask us, they just decided and thats it...



2015-05-31 09:18

Because I really do not favour the arogance of financial groups and couple of thousands of individuals who think they can be disrespectful to everyone and everything just because they made some money, which I would doubt was achieved in a compliant way! Anyway, hope this petition helps..



2015-06-02 12:35

Because i ❤️ Bratislava



2015-06-02 12:37

Because i ❤️ Bratislava & íts history