Public plea to suspend the construction of garages, riding stables and garden in area of Bratislava

This is a public plea to suspend the construction of garages, riding stables and garden in area of the Bratislava castle hill

To the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

Robert Fico

Honoured Prime Minister,

We are kindly reaching out to you with an urgent call which cannot be postponed.

Ground works and archaeological exploration (linked to planned construction of underground garages, riding stables and garden) in the area of Bratislava Castle – on castle hill, revealed rare artefacts with historical meaning. This is significant not only for the Slovak Republic, but also for the whole of Europe.

There has been an assumption that there may be relics buried in the castle hill that has value to the country for years now. The latest research showed this to be true. There were masonry habitations with laten architecture characters on the castle hill since 100 years BC. Under the order of Celtic governors, the Romans built them on the cliff above Dunaj. Similar scenes can be found around Apennines. 

We are extremely anxious regarding the outcome of the Representatives of National Council of Slovak Republic's statements. We have acquired information that they are planning to fill it with clay all over again and undignified surface presentation only of major part of these unique findings is scheduled.

The change of the project for partial adjustment erections did not bring a solution that would compete with the modern approach to present similar discoveries around the world. We found such outcome (burring the original site and surface remembrance) unacceptable and it disregards its unique value. Also, separating the pillars and walls and moving artefacts from their original location is inappropriate in such circumstances. This situation demands to be judged accurately by an independent Slovak and foreign experts committees, due to the fact that the range and actual value of the revelations extend beyond Slovak borders. For these reasons we are here with the plea for help and for support, also to your colleagues of neighbouring countries and leaders of significant museums and schools dealing with the same subject matter. We are sending them a copy of this letter.

Centuries before us there were unique constructions at Bratislava castle hill. It was one of the important stops on the amber trade route. Merchants from Jerusalem, contemporaries of Jesus Christ stopped by on their trips through here. Today, there is a huge construction pit and there is a risk that the situation is going to be getting worse. We are no longer able to keep silent.

Hence, we propose, Prime Minister, with the strength of your authority given to you by the nation to stop the construction work until the plan to preserve and present all of the discovered relics is set by a team of specialists (archaeologists). We understand that the Slovak Republic has commitments as an investor. There are also claims to be applied to the contractors. The State has an obligation not only to fulfil their obvious functions but also those that are not clearly managed by legislation. This is actually the point where future generations will stop and judge our actions or omissions. This is a menace today, that we are not able to preserve our unique historical artefacts against politically motivated decisions about public investments. 

You, Prime Minister, were personally engaged in archaeological excavations in the past and you are familiar with the subject. Thus we believe this topic would be of some significance to you.

On top of that there are simple and legally relevant solutions to suspend the construction works according to the valid Act of Constructions. Only goodwill is needed to fulfil this option.


Thus, we would like to sincerely ask you to take all the necessary steps to temporarily suspend construction work in the Bratislava Castle area by the latest 28th February 2015. Otherwise we would feel obliged to protest right in the forementioned area. We have thousands of supporters already and this number is increasing. The Slovak Republic is going to chair the EU and it would not look good if this turned into an international affair. There is not much time left and we remain persistent.

We do not follow any political targets. We are not professional activists and we do not have any economic interests. The current state of the site is alarming to us and we feel outrage, anger and we feel ashamed. There is huge amount of evidence (just few kilometres from Slovakian borders) that one's history ought to be taken with the highest honour and respect. It would be a great mistake not to reverse the present events. We refuse to witness that our country become an uncivilised province of barbarians. We cannot act differently. We cannot refrain from taking action.


The fact that several initiatives with the same target rose independently in last few weeks point out the importance of this whole situation. Architects, scientists, historians and archaeologists, performers and top cultural representatives and thousands of citizens stood up on the side of those who are not blinded to the fate of the relics which touch the roots of modern civilization. And, we believe that you are also one of those.

Bratislava, Friday 13th February 2015

For Board of public initiative:

Iveta PLŠEKOVÁ, vice mayor for Bratislava

Ernest HUSKA, Petržalka‘s embellishing society

Tatiana ŠTEFANOVIČOVÁ, archaeologist and historian

Andrej RUDAVSKÝ, academic sculptor

Jana BRISUDOVÁ, sculptress

Jozef JANKOVIČ, academic sculptor

Ondrej ZIMKA, academic painter

Slovak alliance for cultural diversity, Jozef Švoňavský, committee member

Michal BOGÁR, architect

Ľudovít URBAN, architect

Maroš SCHMIDT, head committee of Slovak museum of design

Ján JACKULIAK, actor

Radovan BRÁNIK, publicist and blogger

Monika KOZELOVÁ, dramaturge and lyricist

Jacqueline RUDAVSKY, designer

Danica JURČOVÁ, actress

Robert JAKAB, actor

Ondrej RUDAVSKÝ, film and multimedia

Matej FABŠIČ, protectionist

Vladimír ČERVENÁK, culturologist

Juraj MOJŽIŠ, art historian

Eva TROJANOVÁ, art historian

Lucia ŠORALOVÁ, singer

Michal KIČA, lawyer

Eva PAVLÍKOVÁ, actress

Lele ZEMANOVÁ, PR manager

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