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2015-03-10 15:17




2015-03-10 15:20

Save my husbands pub which he plays for the football team



2015-03-10 15:58

I have been going to the Monson Arms for around 5 years. In the process have made many fantastic friends who I get to see more often due to the pub being a large part of the community.

I was introduced to the Monsons by my partner who has been a member of the sunday pool team. If we close down yet another pub these weekly traditions will die out due to private company greed.

There are many other local & suitable sites in the area without removing a friendly community social space which means so much to so many people.

Please back our cause!!!



2015-03-10 17:00

good luck guys!



2015-03-10 17:41

please keep this well loved pub open



2015-03-10 19:15

Taking the community facility's away does nothing to gain community spirit.
These venues give people a place to go and meet ,people they may never see otherwise .its a place where friends are made and where people can help those in need .a quiet chat game of darts ...even events for children to get to know each other .



2015-03-10 19:34

Can not imagine the estate without The Monsons I've grown up on the estate and been using the pub with my family for 45
Please do not take the Heart out of Hartsholme its a much loved pub to old and young



2015-03-10 19:40

i met my wife here



2015-03-10 19:44

I Met my husband here



2015-03-10 19:55

Please Don't Close our pub. I get to Watch MY DADDY play football because he plays for this pub.

It is fun to watch my Daddy Play Football, He Is The Best.




2015-03-10 19:58

The Monson Arms is a crackin Pub. I've not been in Lincoln Long and in Hartsholme even shorter. But the Monos have taken me in with open arms. After leaving the Forces it's hard to find places that accept us and The Monos is a Haven for Forces Veterans.


Keep the Monson Arms Open



2015-03-10 21:54

Keep the Mono's open! This pub is my local, my friends and I get together here all the time. I play for the football team and pool team. 



2015-03-10 22:08

this is a family friendly pub who isn't just a pub its a family unit they also support local charities by doing charity events this isn't just any pub this is the monson arms pub keep it open



2015-03-10 22:10

I've only been working there a short period of time but the Monos has become like a family to me, I would be gutted if the Monson Arms was to close !! I've been there for such a short time but already have some amazing memories there and have met so many amazing, interesting people !! Its truly one of the friendliest pubs that ive ever been to !! Save the Monos !! 



2015-03-10 22:29

I would like to formally object to the demolition of the Monson Arms and its redevelopment into a nursing home for the following reasons:-

1.This facility is required for many different social teams, i.e. Darts, Football, Poker. Of which, if the Pub was to go nearby pubs would not be able to accommodate these teams

2.This is a venue used by the community for social functions i.e. Weddings,Christenings, Funerals and many other social events. If we were to lose the Moson Arms it would be very difficult if not impossible to arrange these events. This would impact the community deeply.

3.The Monson Arms has operated as a polling station for many years. These are the unseen services that the pub has offered as well as others.

4.Nearly 3 years ago The Wildlife pub approx 1 mile from the Monson Arms was demolished and the land left derelict. This land should be utilised before exploiting the land where the Monson Arms resides.

5.If a nursing home was to be built there is problems with its proposed location. Firstly, it would be directly next to a very busy Academy and there is noise that comes with that. Is this the ideal situation? Secondly, Skellinthorpe Road can become gridlocked at various parts of the day, if emergency services were required at the nursing home would they be hindered by this traffic?

6.If a nursing home was to be built the former Wildlife site would have multiple points of access during busy times. This would be far better suited than the Skellithorpe road in the event of an emergency.

7.If this pub was to be lost there is a considerable distance until the next one, this would encourage drink driving indirectly.

In short, If this pub is lost It will leave a massive hole in the community.



2015-03-11 07:43

I am a member of a diving club who use the pub regular ( weekly ) to have meetings and teach , it would be a shame to loose the pub , it's part of the community



2015-03-11 08:10

I have worked here for the last 20 years and feel really strongly about the monson arms closing down and being turned into an old folks home. The monsons is a life line to many as they live on their own and for many other reasons. It is the only community pub in the area after already losing two !!! Where as we have three, yes 3 old
folks homes



2015-03-11 12:26

save our pub



2015-03-12 19:32

Save tge pub



2015-03-14 09:44

I have been to this pub a couple of times why shut it down we hardly have any pubs in the area has it is



2015-03-15 20:12

To many pubs have shut down in lincoln, which is restricting peoples social life, this should not be allowed to happen. the monson arms is a friendly pub, with a friendly landlord/lady, and is always busy, closing all the local pubs just causes more drinking and driving, my family and extended family want the monson arms to stay open.



2015-03-16 16:45

Too many local pubs closing ,investment in the pub is needed to turn it into an eatery / bar people want the full experience when they go out and they can still enjoy the community spirit that already exists at the Monson Arms



2015-03-16 20:24

Because it's a local pub and there is too many pubs closing down . This pub is a very much needed pub in this area . And I personally don't think we need anymore nursing/care homes in this area .



2015-03-17 09:22

Only pub in the area



2015-03-19 10:41

Far to many decent places being closed and sold on for profit and no one cares for the people whos lives it affects in a negative way :'(