The ban on fox flushing and terrier work

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2015-04-18 14:07

Nemám slov na to, ako sa ľudia správajú k zvieratám. Proste neuveriteľné, takýto krutý tvor aby len tak žil a ovládal planétu :(



2015-05-01 08:22

Terrier work is vile and the kind people who enjoy this sick so called sport are evil personified. Don't feed these evil people's urge to cause suffering. Ban this monstrously barbaric activity.



2015-05-01 12:28

The sadistically cruel behaviour of certain individuals needs to be stopped, hunting is bad enough but to dig out these poor terrified animals is horrific, unfortunately this (current!) government supports all parts of fox hunting even though it is illegal, the police also side with the hunters (Tories) so the foxes, along with many of our other wild animals are suffering and dying for the sheer enjoyment of these vile people. We need much stronger animal welfare laws in this country, we need a government who cares and we need a police force who don't aide and abet these criminals. I am not a fan of Labour but at the age of 52 I will be voting for them for the first time in my life and hope that enough of the UK do too. We condemn other countries for their terrible record of animal abuse but with the hunting and culling that goes on in and off our shores the UK's record is shamefully poor. The foxes and us as a society need the ban.



2015-05-01 22:57

It's about time this savagery was outdated the poor animals suffer and why are Foxes so discriminated they have to eat and their habitat and food has disappeared



2015-05-02 15:20

How do people like this? Pure evil



2015-05-12 19:52

I am vegetarian and vegan. I don't like shooting, killing, murdering... I don't like guns. I don't like armies. I don't like insane cruel and bad people. They all are suffering, sick and painfull, violent, psychopathic and crazy... I don't like and I don't want eating animals on this Planet Earth... David Ledinský author of text, date:12.05.2015.



2015-06-06 07:51

Cause animals should be or friends...not stuff for fun!



2015-09-08 12:51

Killing animals is sadistic and immoral.I hope that something is done to prevent the fox hunting.



2015-11-04 15:46

quit being babies 



2015-11-08 01:02

Any sort of torture for any animal should be banned. To put these foxes through such stress and to work a breed of dog that is slowly being bred into mutants should be stopped!



2016-03-18 19:58

So sick of cruelty to animals punish these people who are cruel to animals karmas coming



2016-03-19 10:34

This is a hideous practice and should NEVER be seen as a sport,how could killing animals in such a cruel manner ever be called a sport?Please stop this cruel practice now



2016-03-19 14:44

I signed because i find this practice to be cruel and abbhorent and should be stopped

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