The ban on fox flushing and terrier work


To the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and the Czech Senate.

We, the undersigned citizens disagree with the cruel and unnecessary tradition and we demand a complete ban on the so-called fox flushing, including testing of fox hunting hounds.

We require adding an appendix to the Hunting Act no. 449/2001 § 45 paragraph 1 on banned hunting methods and adding the letter x) (banning :) hunting underground, including hunting with the aid of hounds discharged under the ground and digging up the game for the purpose of killing.

We require abolition of the exceptions listed in section 7, paragraph 2 of Hunting Act no. 449/2001 On temporary hold of foxes for the training of hunting hounds. 

We require a change in the set period of fox hunts specified by Decree no. 245/2002 On hunting periods for each game species and on detailed conditions of hunting §1, letter i), so that there would be a closed season at the time of rearing their youngs.

We demand the abolition of Section §14 paragraph. 1, letter c), of the Decree no. 244/2002, which implements certain provisions of Act no. 449/2001 Coll., On hunting, on the use of hunting dogs with flushing tests and the abolition of the need to keep hunting hounds with flushing test on the hunting grounds in the quantity alleged by Section §15.


Thank you