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Mariza Dacoron


2011-03-03 23:13

l. goodrich

#2 representing daughter & grandaughter of nurses

2011-03-03 23:41

I am signing this petition from the states. To get rid of nursing program is an outrage. Nurses do so much more than anyone can realize. They need to keep the program otherwise the future of health care is at risk, which I can assume nobody wants. My mother is a nurse & my grandma a retired nurse. Both worked very hard & wore many "different hats" in the nursing field. I hope that everyone using their voice can help keep the program alive!!
david Carlin


2011-03-04 00:02

Time to get out there and protest, middle eastern style!!!!
David Irvine BN Glasgow University 2010

#4 Best course in Scotland

2011-03-04 01:12

As a recent graduate from this course I can vouch for the success and value of the course at Glasgow University. Now working in intensive care in the Oxford area the Science focus (unique to Glasgow) has been invaluable as well as the strong research utilisation skills in my new career. Yes there are other nursing courses in Glasgow and they do produce very capable nurses but they do not consistently produce nurses who challenge and develop practice, and who become leaders in their field.
For the past few years Kings college hospital in London made the effort of sending staff to headhunt nurses from Glasgow University due the high quality of graduates. I think this demonstrates the opinion of employers of the value of a Glasgow University Nursing training.
To claim that there is no value to the course to the University as a whole is misguided when such a small school can have such a big influence on the reputation of the University across the country.
karen hainey


2011-03-04 02:07

I don't agree with closing the school of nursing.
miriam mccart

#6 Ridiculous

2011-03-04 02:21

I cannot believe they want to close one of the best nursing schools in the Country. They are the best trained nurses in Glasgow, which I know from personal experience of working with them in the NHS. It would be a tragic loss to not only the city, but to the reputation of the Medical Faculty.
lynn scott

#7 glasgow university school of nursing

2011-03-04 10:43

The attempted closure of yet another major resource in Scotland is a disgrace. We need to fight against these attacks on our students and our future nurses, teachers, doctors and indeed our janitors, cleaners and other fine jobs in Scotland and across the UK. These cuts seen by the torries are slashing our futures with no nursing staff being trained then who will look after us all when we most need it. our nurses are already well underpaid and to now tell them they may not get the support of future staffing because we closed the school that teaches them is ridiculous. Speak out be heard and good luck.
Marianne Murdoch


2011-03-04 12:26

This university is a very valuable resource and produces nurses of outstanding quality which ultimately contribute to improving patient care
Felicity Garvie

#9 closure of glasgow school of nursing

2011-03-04 14:30

This is the thin end of the wedge! We need more nurses, not less
Carole Smith

#10 Save Glasgow University School of Nursing

2011-03-04 15:14

As a retired RMN I understand the importance of maintaining training facilities throughout the UK. NO such facility should even be considered for closure, let alone BE closed. Money has to be saved in this financial climate, no matter where we live but it should NEVER be saved by cutting such valuable services as the Health Care Provisions, be they Hospital wards, services or training & educational facilities.
emily kennedy


2011-03-04 16:04

Its ridicuous to shut down a nursing school in order to save money. There has to be an alternative!
jennifer oneill

#12 do not close glasgow uni nursing!

2011-03-04 19:19

Letting students down, valuable lives could be lost in the long run due to lack of medical staff!!!
Lois Critchley


2011-03-04 19:44

These cuts are getting ridiculous, lets stop them now!
Steven Livingston


2011-03-04 19:46

The departments record speaks for itself. Ranked in the top 10 of Times Good University Guide for 3 years in a row. Nothing justifies its closure.
KOBE Yoshiro


2011-03-04 20:06

If Glasgow university school of nursing was closed, no school instead of it could nurture nurses.
Peter mcdade

#16 You're Having A Laugh ??

2011-03-04 20:36

This is an aggressive attack on the health care services for the people of the U.K Nursing requires practitioners who are able to provide care based on levels of efficacy, the course at Glasgow University equips such people to be able to deliver and evaluate high care/treatment to us if and when we need it.
To take this away would be a direct attack on the health care system of this country.

We need more nurses who are able to advocate on behalf of patients,otherwise managers form non clinical backgrounds will continue to run services unchallenged by clinical evidence based arguments.
Paul Letters

#17 Save our Nursing

2011-03-04 20:46

Excellent cause I hope your successful in saving the nursing degree at Glasgow University
Andrew Thorniley

#18 Nursing school closure

2011-03-04 21:50

And just where are we supposed to get nurses of high calibre and training?
Dirk van den Berg

#19 glasgow university school of nursing closure

2011-03-05 13:38

Shortsighted money-saving measures. Such a resource should be treasured particularly in the light of an ageing population
Paul van Mierlo

#20 don't close the Nursing school

2011-03-05 15:20

Closing the UG nursing school is a bad move.
Iain Martin


2011-03-05 18:03

Universities are businesses, and obviously they are funded by funding for research and student tuition fees. As one of the best nursing schools in the UK (and Europe?) wouldn't it be an idea to merge the school of nursing within the faculty of medicine - which has no shortage of funding? As well as maintaining the university's stellar reputation for nursing graduates, this would promote a more cohesive working relationship between medical and nursing students which will ultimately benefit us all in the future.

Allison Strang

#22 Don't close Glasgow University School of Nursing

2011-03-05 18:07

I have graduated from the University of Glasgow, School of Nursing twice- as a BN in 2002 and then again in 2008 with an MSc in health care. I know I would not be the nurse that I am now if I hadn't attended the University of Glasgow.
Jamie Cuthbertson

#23 Threatened closure of Glasgow's School of Nursing

2011-03-05 20:39

Don't close this excellent school - this would be a disgrace!
Betty Ladd

#24 Glasgow University School of Nursing

2011-03-06 06:24

My niece who is a well qualified and dedicated nurse graduated from Glasgow University and she holds the school responsible for making her such a much needed member of her community and she wants to pass that on. So please sign to help her cause. Thanks Betty
Anne Bryden

#25 University of Glasgow School Of Nursing

2011-03-06 10:04

This excellent training facility should not be closed. My sister was trained here over 20 years ago and is now about to complete here PhD in this field. As a pharmacist I am in close contact with practice nurses and independent prescribers. Nursing in the West of Scotland needs this facility to keep high standards of care in both primary care and the teaching hospitals in the city. It would be a tradgedy to close this.