Please please go to the bottom of this page to add your name to the petition if you support our campaign to prevent the closure of the University of Glasgow, Nursing & Health Care School. The School, which is considered one of the best, is a viable, thriving and profitable department, despite its small size, and it brings acclaim to the University and Scotland.

Against the trend of a shortage of nursing posts, it is clear that the NHS does not consider that there is an oversupply of the calibre of nurse who graduates from the University of Glasgow. Our graduates are headhunted, resulting in a 100% employment rate in 2009 and 99% in 2010. In addition to a higher than average employment rate within Scotland, centres of excellence, in London, Cambridge and Oxford are keen recruiters of University of Glasgow graduates.

The University of Glasgow Nursing & Health Care School, which offers a unique programme, which is valued by employers throughout the country has featured in the top ten of the universities that educate nurses for the last 3 years and we have a 100% rating for student satisfaction. The school is ranked first in the UK in the National Student Survey.

Other features and reasons for supporting the retention of the Nursing & Health Care School include:

  • Healthy postgraduate and post-registration programmes, which are designed to facilitate practitioners in enhancement of services and care.
  • The School is a centre for the new compulsory training for healthcare chaplains. This is unique in the UK.
  • The School is a centre of excellence for the UK for lymphoedema education and is embarking on a new research programme.
  • Patient-centred research is being undertaken in a number of areas including Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes and Lymphoedema.

We are urging you to vote against the proposal to make an irreversible decision that will be detrimental to the future of nursing and health care and so enable us to continue offering a high standard of nurse education which is so valued by our students and the National Health Service.


If you wish any further information on how you can contribute to the consultation or support in any other way please email us at


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