Update HTC One Mini and the Mini 2 to Android Lollipop!

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2015-05-16 18:45

I feel it is unfair to buy a product and for it to get forgotten about



2015-05-17 12:15

I feel it is unfair that this product is less than a year old and has already been dropped from support.



2015-05-17 19:51

It's not fair not upgrading this phone to lollipop older phones get the upgrade and this one should get it too



2015-05-23 10:08

HTC One mini 2 -Android 5!

#5 The main reason I bought the phone..

2015-05-23 10:09

..was HTC's upgrade policy. Feeling badly misled.



2015-05-23 13:47

Even desire 816 gets lollipop, why shouldn't one mini 2 get? And moreover, when I was buying this phone, I asked and was informed that it will get the lollipop, but now it's not. Dissapointed!!!



2015-05-24 10:09

Very bad htc... One year waiting for your updates for one mini 2...



2015-05-25 07:19

Update HTC One Mini 2 to Android Lollipop!



2015-05-25 21:54

U promised! I bought this phone to replace the M7



2015-05-27 19:59

I Love HTC , So please Do this



2015-05-28 08:12

because if the mini2 doesnt get lollipop i wont ever buy htc devices again. i'm very disappointed, i used to love htc-stuff - until now.



2015-06-02 11:53

Very unfair not to grant the update if not updated to L this will be my fifth and last device



2015-06-02 12:49

To get what's rightfully deserved for all that supported this device



2015-06-02 15:22

Because HTC promised to update the phone for at least 2 years. and It has been one year and they've stopped updating



2015-06-03 12:56

Just a last warning to HTC, before I fully extend my middle finger. After that, One Mini 2 will have been my last HTC. No third HTC for me.



2015-06-08 10:00

I was looking to buy a new phone for my in-laws, and this was the most likely contender.
If this decision doesn't change, then it looks like they will be getting a samsung S5 mini instead.



2015-06-09 13:07

Had HTC phones since the P3300 back in 2000. Found them to be well made & durable (like the Nokias of old). Had the One S before & flashed with Cyanogenmod 12.1 which ran perfectly. Only upgraded to Mini 2 for 4G/LTE capability & the prospect of official Lollipop update. Regret it now BIG time! Should've gone with Xperia Z3 Compact as at least Sony look after their loyal customers!



2015-06-11 14:11

I own the HTC One Mini and would like it to be updated



2015-06-14 19:05

Because HTC should know, that the Mini was my last HTC device (I always owned HTC last 12+ years, so I bought lots of HTC devices!)! Bye HTC.

I don't support a company, which

1. make promises and then doesn't tell details, why they don't make them true (or simply doesn't say "well, we used bad hardware, that's the reason" or "well, we want to sell a new device, because we want to make more money" - that would be honest!).

2. is against nature and not resource-friendly - not everybody buys a new device after 1-2 years.

3. high price and 1 year support? Really? Never, guys.



2015-06-17 14:58

HTC asks crazy money for this lovely phone and leaves us in the dark in terms of support. I won't by ever another HTC if this phone will not be getting OS updates like the flagship phones. HTC forgotten this is also flagship phone - just smaller. Another thing is HTC scrued us customers by giving here only 1gb RAM! Why?! Flagship phone with RAM of an low level Samsung phones for about 170e and this one costed 400e! That's rip off. HTC owe us. We shouldn't ask for updates at all. Shame on you.



2015-07-04 14:58

Because I have this phone and I want to use modern software



2015-07-07 19:16

One mini 2 is not a cheap phone but why it's not getting lollipop.


#23 What a rip off

2015-07-11 02:51

I recently got my htc one mini 2, and just found out that the update to lollipop was dropped due to "software compatabillity issues" or soemthing, anyways, this phone, released 1 year ago, and not being able to stick up to HTC's promise that phones that are (correct me if I'm wrong)18 months old should be able to upgrade to the latest versions.

So this, says something HTC.

Give us lollipop 5.0, or at least give us the choice to upgrade and give a warning of any incaptabillities





2015-07-13 11:27

I think HTC is playing an eliticist pranks on its cosumers. I make my money and they are tactically telling me how to spend my money by trying to make me buy new phones by not updating my htc one mini 2 cos their quarterly profit is going an all time low. There are other phones that have lower specs of the one mini 2 yet got the android lollipop update. I made my decision that if they don't update the one mini 2 to lollipop, i will change to samsung who has more features on their phones, more cutting edge technology on their devices than htc, more designs. Samsung have actually given me reasons they are better than HTC. Ive been using htc for many years, but the stunt they are pulling with this lollipop update is really not going down well with their users and it will surely reflect on their sales.

#25 Re:

2015-07-13 11:31

#11: -  

 Myself too, its not upto a year this phone came out and they are giving us psycobabble bullshit thinking we are daft. Simply put " If they don't update the htc one mini 2 to lollipop, this will be the last of HTC phone i will ever use" not in this era where there are many other brands that coming out with more eye-catching features on their devices. Can't keep myself stuck on a brand that has no regard for their users... Yuck